Yoga to Increase Height

Yoga to Increase Height

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Height is one of the determinants of personality. Most peoples think Long peoples are more attractive as compared to a short ones. They have certain advantages just because of their height. Few professions only allowed long heights people like defense sectors, modeling, etc. Most of the time taller friends and relatives can make fun of short members of the group. Here we discuss Yoga to Increase Height

Being a short height is very common in both girls and boys. But always remember one thing, being short didn’t mean you are not capable to stand out. It can affect your outer appearance but can’t take your internal qualities. There is 100s of an example of shortening peoples who shook history with their talents. So if you are short it’s not a big deal. Be happy with what you are.

What Factors affect height?

The main reason for being long or short depends on your DNA. In other words, it depends on inheritance if your parents are tall, then most probably you become tall and vice versa. Your environment, diet, and physical activities can also influence your growth. Most of the growth occurs in the age of adolescence that is when you are a teenager. Few studies also suggest that one can grow up to the age of 22-23 years.

So, now the question arises, is there any natural way to grow your height. The answer is a big Yes! There is a technique by which you can add extra inches to your height. Maybe you think that it is something modern technology. But you will be amazed if you know the technique is so ancient and originated from India.

Yoga or Yog asanas are one of the oldest and most effective ways to increase your height. But you need to be consistent and practice yoga on daily basis. After a few months, you will notice changes in your body. Yoga will not only increase your height but it will give you mental peace, good digestion even a glow on your face. There are 100s of yoga asanas are discovered by ancient monks. But you don’t need to worry about searching all of them. Here we have selected the most appropriate asanas that will help you to achieve extra inches.

Top yoga asanas to increase height :

Surya Namaskar

It’s one of the most famous yoga, there is the possibility that you have already heard about it. Surya Namaskar is not a single yoga, but it is a combination of 12 forms that are practicing since ancient times. It includes 12 different poses, every single pose stretched different parts of bodies. This stretch generates flexibility in bodies which results in elongated body structure.

Besides height increase, Surya Namaskar also helps with blood circulation and back pain problems. This is the reason it is considered one of the best yoga to start as a beginner.

Tadasana or Mountain Pose

Tadasana is considered best for height-related issues. It is also the last step of Surya Namaskar. It is also known as palm tree asanas because, in this, you have to stretch your body and erect your spines.

Tadasana also improves breathing issues, strengthens neuromuscular coordination, improves body posture, and gives flexibility to spines.

Bhujangasana (Cobra pose)

Bhujangasana also a part of Surya Namaskar. It affects on lower abbs and back of the body. It is one of the easiest yoga on the list. Its main benefits are visible in the upper portion of the body

 In this yoga, you have to be lying on the floor and stretch your body upward this will also help in losing stomach fats.

Trikonasana (Triangle pose)

This one is not easy for beginners but yet most efficient for those who cross the age of growth. In this yoga, the body pose exactly looks like a triangle that’s it is getting there name Trikonasana.

 It is not possible to achieve exact posture on the first day but after a couple of weeks, you will become perfect. It provides strength to the knees, arms, and chest.

 Sarvang Asana (Head stand)

It is also called Shirshasana. It is also a bit tough but you take the help of a wall in your initial days. In this asana, you have to put your legs in upward against gravity. Gravity puts access pressure which causes an increase in height. 

It will help you to maintain body posture and calm your mind.


These are the most recommended yoga sans that you can try. But always remember one thing you can achieve your goals in one day. So be calm and consistent you will surely be rewarded for your efforts. For better practice, you can enroll yourself in online yoga classes. But if you don’t want to spend money everything is available on youtube free of cost. So, what you are waiting for go and make a plan of how you gonna start it.

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