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Flooring Materials: All You Need to Know!

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Are you constantly struggling to find the right flooring material for your home in Glasgow? If yes, you have come to the right place as this blog is all about different types of flooring materials, ideal spaces to install them, recent flooring trends, and much more. 

Although choosing a flooring option for your home completely depends upon your taste, preference, budget, interior decor, and household requirements yet it’s important to have an idea of different floorings. It will not only help you make a smart choice but also allow you to create a streamlined look for your home without spending a fortune. So, are you ready to know the most popular types of flooring in Glasgow? Before that, let’s have a look at the rooms that genuinely require careful flooring considerations.

Flooring Considerations

Whether you are building a new home or renovating the existing one, you need to consider a few things while choosing flooring materials for different rooms. To make it simple, we have divided a home into three main areas – kitchen, bathroom, and living spaces. 


This area of the home is mostly considered the heart of the property. That’s mainly because it’s not only the place to prepare meals but also a high-traffic space where friends and family usually get together and spend time, especially if it is an open kitchen area. 

Moreover, the kitchen is a space that undergoes a number of spills on the surface. It may make the surfaces slippery or slick, increasing the risks of slipping and falling, particularly for children and aged parents.

Keeping these factors in mind, it’s important to choose flooring material for the kitchen area that is durable, waterproof, and easy-to-clean & maintain.  Generally, ceramic tile, natural stone, and linoleum are ideal flooring materials for kitchen spaces.


Moisture is one of the main factors to consider when it comes to choosing the flooring material for bathrooms. It’s really important to choose a flooring material that is highly water-resistant. 

Some of the popular bathroom flooring options include marble flooring, ceramic tile flooring, natural stone tiles made from limestone, and granite stone flooring. 

You may even find affordable bathroom flooring alternatives in the market such as vinyl tiles. However, please be noted that vinyl tiles are not as durable as ceramic tiles or tiles made out of stone. Also, it may look cheap if the product is not of premium quality. So always opt for luxury vinyl tile if you want to give a classic look to your bathroom. Else, forgo the vinyl floor altogether and choose an ultra-modern concrete floor instead.

Living Spaces

Living spaces such as bedrooms, hall rooms, and dining areas have more choices when it comes to picking up flooring materials. However, the ultimate choice largely depends on your preference, taste, budget, and household requirement. 

While hardwood or parquet flooring in Glasgow can add warmth to your living space, concrete flooring can offer a smooth, seamless, and noise-absorbing surface, and carpet flooring can provide a comfortable surface under your feet.

The best way to list down your options is to browse through the swatches online and see what floor styles, colors, and materials appeal to you the most. 

Trending Floor Options

  • Hardwood: It’s a popular flooring design option that is available in strips, planks, and parquet patterns. Available in a wide variety of natural shades like walnut and cherry. This flooring material can complement a variety of decor themes.
  • Laminate: Given its sheer durability and sturdiness, laminate floors are gaining rapid popularity in Glasgow. Its varied patterns and finishes make it one of the best flooring options and a good choice for various decor styles in Glasgow homes. 
  • Concrete: It is a design-led flooring solution that provides a smooth, seamless, noise-absorbing, hypoallergenic, easy-to-clean, and waterproof surface. It adds a super modern finish to spaces such as patios, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, conservatory, and utility areas.
  • Vinyl: Available in designs that mimic hardwood and stone finishes. Vinyl is a highly durable, versatile, and inexpensive option for flooring in Glasgow. Although it’s resilient to stains and water damage yet it requires special care to prevent any scratches on the floor.
  • Granite: It’s an elegant flooring option that can bring a note of sophistication to any setting. It’s highly stain-resistant, durable, and fairly easy to maintain. To ensure its longevity, you just need to protect it from scratches. 

Bottom Line

Now that you have read the entire blog you know the trending options for flooring materials in Glasgow. However, always consider the room requirements, expenses, features of the floors, your home decor, and preference while choosing flooring materials. Remember, it’s always worth looking out for all flooring options and manufacturers in your region. It will help you to see if you can save on a floor material or design.

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