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15Kw Solar System: An Ultimate Guide!

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Looking for a solar panel system in Penrith that can generate electricity for larger households or commercial establishments? 15Kw solar system is the ultimate solution! A solar system of 15Kw is a powerful solar energy generation unit. Best suited for homes and commercial buildings having high power needs or consumption patterns.

Here in this blog, we have tried to cover everything that you need to know about the 15Kw solar system. Like, what is a 15Kw solar system, is it ideal for your household. The types of 15Kw solar system, the 15Kw solar system price, and how much energy you might produce through it. How much you can you really save. 

What is a 15Kw solar system? 

A 15Kw solar system is one of the largest solar panels that can be installed for both residential and commercial use. It is highly suitable for buildings that have enough space on the roof and consistent high power usage patterns.

Since it can generate around 60kWh of power regularly (particularly during the daylight hours), a property with home automation, pool, and reverse air conditioning with a higher electricity bill budget can definitely benefit from it. 

It is a fairly big power generation unit that can serve the purpose of businesses with moderate to medium-sized energy requirements. Please note that this system is often paired with 40 – 50 solar panels and an inverter of either 10Kw/15Kw. The number of solar panels paired with the PV system largely depends on the wattage offered by the solar panels.

So, if you are looking to purchase a 15Kw system of solar panels in Penrith, you can expect to receive an entire package of 40 to 50 CEC-approved solar panels, a 1okW or 15kW CEC-approved inverter, rooftop mounting, and an electrical kit approved to be used in Penrith. 

What are the different types?

A solar PV system of 15kW is available in three different variations that include an On-Grid, Off-Grid, and Hybrid solar panel system. Each of the three types of 15kW solar system has its own unique strength. Thus, make sure to choose a PV system that best suits your power generation requirements.

Although residential constructions generally possess moderate electricity requirements, their electricity costs shoot up rapidly. This is where a high-capacity solar panel system of 15Kw becomes the most appropriate choice. In Penrith, people usually prefer installing and using an On-Grid solar panel system. Which is the most popular and most widely used solar PV system.

Is the 15Kw solar system ideal for your household?

To know if a 15Kw solar panel system is the right system size for your residential or commercial building. We first need to measure your household’s average daily electricity consumption. You can easily find its details in your latest quarterly electricity bill. The 15kW system can be a perfect fit for a building’s average daily power consumption falls between 50 to 70kWh. 

What is the price of a 15Kw solar system in Penrith?

The 15Kw solar panel systems in Penrith greatly vary in price, depending upon the package or category you choose. The solar price per watt ideally determines the actual cost of such a PV system. Furthermore, its price also depends on the type you have chosen.

Some other factors that may influence the cost of such solar panels Penrith include the brand, store, or location. Luckily, you don’t need to spend a fortune to purchase it, in Penrith. In Penrith Government provides subsidies on it, with the pledge to promote green solar energy. 

How much energy it can generate?

As already mentioned, it can usually produce 60kWh of electricity every day. However, the amount of power generation may vary due to some essential factors such as the location you reside. Like in, summers or winters.

Please note that the panels should be installed at a place where they can receive maximum sunlight. This is really important as more exposure to the sun means that they can produce maximum output throughout the day. 

How much can you save through this system?

The real savings from having a solar system on the roof completely depend on. How efficiently do you utilize the electricity produced by the PV system? Furthermore, you should also consider what sort of Feed-in-Tariff agreement you have in place with your electricity retailer.

Bottom Line

Now that you have read the entire blog. You know how large households and commercial establishments can benefit from a 15Kw solar panel system. Hope this blog helped you understand what is a 15Kw solar panel system. Also, its different types, price, and the amount of energy it can generate. Finally the savings you can make by installing it.

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