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What Does Daily Exterior Car Care Involve?

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Your car is among your most precious things, and you would like to ensure that nothing happens to its exterior. The vehicle experiences bad conditions and general abrasion all the time. Thus, exterior car care is important as it makes your car look new. Everyone should do routine daily exterior car care with car cleaning kit. It has certain steps, including cleaning, etc. Below, we discuss these steps.


It is important to wash your car frequently to do away with debris that facilitates the build-up of rust. It would be best if you wash at a place that has shade. The best time is during the morning or evening hours. At this time, the sun is less intense. However, a place with shade eliminates the need for morning or evening hours. Before washing a car that has stayed outside in the heat for long, you should allow it to cool. You can ask a friend for advice on the best car cleaning kit in India for exterior care.

Take a bucket of water and add two caps filled with concentrated car cleaning solution. Next, spray down the whole car surface. A garden hose will do fine. Wet a sponge or washing mitt in the bucket. Begin with the car roof. However, you should know one important thing. Do not mistake a solution for a car polish.

Washing a car from the top ensures murky water and filth do not descend to an uncleaned part. 

  • Never use rags that you do not use in place of a sponge or washing mitt. They can result in very fine scratches on the car’s finish
  • Never use a dishwashing detergent in place of a car wash concentrate. There is a possibility of the car wax peeling away

What is next after washing the car roof? Rinsing it. Next is washing the part below, which is the windows. It is good to wash a car section by section and rinse them. This action ensures that the soap doesn’t dry on the car’s surface. The next part of cleaning is the trunk or the hood. Next is cleaning the back or the front. Next is a side, panel by panel. Do this on the other side. You must never miss the rear-view mirrors.

The last parts to clean are the tires and the wheels. Why? These parts have the greatest build-up of oil, grime and filth. There is another reason. The tires and lower panels’ grit stick to the sponge and lead to scratches on the paint somewhere else. Hose down the wheels and spray them with a wheel and tire cleaner. Leave the solution for some minutes before applying your washing mitt and soap. Finally, rinse them.

Cars often have a build-up of bugs and road tar on their finish. A bug & tar remover helps remove such build-up. For debris, some remover on a lax rag will do. For dogged debris, more than one application will do. Follow with rinsing. 


Lax, fresh towels are good for drying your car. A better option is chamois. These leather cloths are better than standard towels for soaking up water. This step removes the possibility of water spots.

Application of protectants

Next, take some vinyl & rubber protectant on a fresh rag and rub on rubber, plastic, or vinyl parts. The outer parts usually made of these materials include mouldings around doors and windows, rear-view mirrors, trim parts, tires, etc. It would be best if you rubbed in circles for uniform application. Next, wait for a while as the protectant gets absorbed. Next, take a fresh rag and wipe the parts.

Waxing is the last step of Daily Exterior Car Care

This step is important for protecting your car’s paint and finish. What does waxing do? It forms a seal on the outside of your car and prevents UV rays, droppings of insects, salt, elements, etc. As a result, the car retains a new look. The common forms of car wax are liquid, cream, and paste. Most car owners seek advice on the wax type and brand to use.

Take an applicator and dip it in the container with the wax paste or cream. For a wax liquid, pour some of it on the pad. Applicator pads often accompany waxes. You can also buy them separately.

You should do this step of your daily exterior car care section by section or panel by panel with our car cleaning kit. For a section, first put the wax on its edges. Follow this by putting the wax on the remaining area. You should apply wax in circles. A haze forms as the was dries. Drying takes some minutes. Next, take a fresh, lax microfiber cloth and wipe the haze off. Wipe a section with a tiny part of the cloth. In this way, the cloth will remain clean to wipe another section. Do this polish routine all across the car.

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