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The Best Clothing Tips For Hot Humid Weather

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There is nothing worse than stepping out into an oppressively hot and humid environment. One that seems like a smothering blanket. In the absence of a miracle cure, the best thing you can do to alleviate the oppressive heat is to dress in a manner that keeps you as cool as possible.

A few things to keep in mind when coping with humidity are: 

1. Wear Clothes that Have a Slight Aperture to Them

As the most crucial thing you can do in high-humidity conditions is wear lightweight clothing that doesn’t cling to your skin. Looser-fitting fabrics, such as woven or ones with some roughness, work well. For this purpose, we recommend getting your hands on Jerzees 29M. It’s the perfect cotton/poly shirt that works wonders in the summer.

Clothing that clings to your body will soak up sweat, resulting in a greater level of discomfort. To avoid this, look for apparel that separates you from your body, even if it’s just a slight one.

Some fabrics are better at creating distance than others. Generally speaking, woven textiles tend to drape more naturally than knits. You can also seek seersucker or pique fabrics, which have some structure to lift the garment somewhat from your skin.

2. Wear Clothing Made of Fabrics That Wick Away Sweat and Moisture

Wearing clothing with moisture management features like wicking and absorbency will keep perspiration from accumulating on your skin. Sweat-wicking materials wick moisture away from your body fast. Fortunately, there are a number of outdoor Best Clothing Tips that serve this purpose. You’ll see “moisture management” or “wicking” highlighted on many clothing products. The majority of them are manufactured from synthetics, including polyester and nylon. But merino wool and cotton can also be good choices. When you have a choice between several fabrics, go with the lightest one.

The trick is to wear clothes that have a looser fit and are made of high-performance fabrics like Jerzees 29M. Wicking alone may suffice to keep you cool and comfortable on a dry summer day. Sweat dries and evaporates quickly, so you don’t get hot. If you’re sweating on a hot, humid day, there’s nowhere else for it to go but on your skin or into your clothing. You’ll be a lot more comfortable and easy if your clothing hangs away from your skin, even if it’s only a little bit.

A word about cotton: “cotton kills” is a frequent outdoor adage. As a result of its poor insulating capabilities when wet, cotton has a reputation for being a poor choice for best clothing tips. In extreme cases, this can be harmful and even life-threatening. Lightweight cotton is a good alternative for casual outings where you won’t be exposed to the elements. If you style the garment properly, it can be fairly pleasant to wear.

3. Wear Clothes That Dry Quickly

Your clothes will stay dryer for a shorter period of time if they dry rapidly after being wet with sweat (which will not quickly evaporate on hot, humid days). However, if you’re looking for quick-drying apparel, you can also check for lighter fabrics. Clothing that dries quickly will not completely eliminate humidity, but it will dry faster than clothing that takes a long time to dry.

4. Open the Vents

Vents and/or mesh panels are typically a part of garments for outdoor activities and travel. On hot, humid days, these features and a looser fit help boost ventilation, and even a tiny amount of airflow can dramatically improve drying time and help evaporation. Open all the vents when humidity levels are high.

5. Additional Hot Weather Best Clothing Tips

•  Hues that reflect the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them (as dark colors do) help you stay cool. Look for white, tan, or khaki-colored shirts, shorts, pants, and hats.

•  UPF-rated apparel offers the best protection from the sun’s rays since it has been rigorously tested to ensure that it does what it says it will. Ratings like UPF 15, UPF 30, and UPF 50+ are fairly common.

•  The same criteria apply to hats in humid conditions as they do to other clothing: A looser fit and quick-drying performance are important features to look for in a sleeveless top. A sun hat with a wide brim is preferable to a baseball cap. Mainly because it offers more protection from the sun. 

•  It’s easy to keep the back of your neck cool and protected by using a wet bandana, sun-protective gaiter, or another lightweight material. 

•  Keep a hydration pack with you at all times: Even though it may seem like a minor change, having a sip tube at hand will make it easier for you to stay hydrated.

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