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Why Matching Underwear For Couples Is A Great Way To Connect With Your Partner?

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Dr. Gary Chapman introduced five languages. We are here to present the sixth one- matching underwear for couples!  Everyone has heard of Words of affirmation, Quality time, Physical touch, Acts of service, and Receiving gifts. We bring in the one you will enjoy doing too. 

Undies are the most intimate item of clothing we own. It is like our second skin. Unless you are a DC superhero, it is the first thing you grab in the morning. And unlike bandeau, you are probably not looking forward to removing it at the end of the day. Why not turn it into a way to show your partner love? A relationship, after all, demands crazy efforts. 

But why match undies?

As much as you want to, you cannot cuddle up with your partner all day. Life is unfair, sigh. Why not have a keepsake while you look forward to meeting them again? Show your spouse, fiancé, or partner how much you love them with matching underwear for couples.

A subtle way to show love

 If you are not a PDA person, undies are the best way to show your love subtly. If your partner likes it, it does not matter if anyone else knows or not. Feel closer to your partner by matching underwear with them. It brings a sense of togetherness and belonging.

Get to know their choices better

A great way to know them is by letting them pick a matching set for both of you. See if they like bold, fun prints or muted tones and colors. 

Build intimacy

Innerwear is intimate. Matching it builds intimacy with your partner. We all like connecting with our loved ones. Twinning is a great way to build on that connection. It is like sharing something personal without actually physically doing that. Get a set of matching underwear for couplesmini trunk underwear for men and bikini or boyshorts for women. They are available in many styles that will complement both of your personalities.

Matching is fun

All love birds like to match their stuff. They get matching tattoos or piercings, the same mobiles, and wear matching accessories and clothes. It is a statement of their love and affection for each other. And honestly, it is adorable to see people in love. Take it a step further and get a matching underwear set. It is different, and it is fun to match intimate wear with your partner

It is a great gift choice

Getting your love partner underwear as a gift is probably not a good idea. Getting them a matching set, however, is another thing. A gift that shows not only how much you like them but also that you want to be more like them. You can choose your preferred color and pattern or print if you’re going to get it as a wedding gift or an anniversary gift for a couple too! Since there are so many options offered by Bummer that you will find your pick in their vast collection.

Spice up your bedroom

Women love to flaunt their lingerie in the bedroom. Whether it is a gift from their boyfriends and husbands or they got it to surprise them, sexy underwear spices up a couple’s sex life. Men love to see their partners put on pretty lingerie (they ultimately take it off, but still). There is sometime primitively intimate about innerwear that is sacred to couples. It really gets them excited. Get your partner matching underwear, and maybe this is a massive turn-on for them. 

Keep this in mind while getting matching underwear for couples

Now that you know what a great idea it is to get matching underwear for couples, you should also know what to keep in mind while shopping.

It should be comfortable

You will wear it for a considerable amount of time, so make sure you get comfortable shorts/bikini for yourself and your partner.

It should be pretty

Is that even something to say about? It is lingerie you will match with your partner; of course, it has to be pretty.

It should have a variety of options

You don’t want to get stuck up with the same boring patterns. When you go lingerie shopping, make sure the brand has a great collection to choose from so that you can get the one you like.


If you have decided to get a matching underwear set, you must want to know the best place to get it too. Bummer offers a great range to select a set for you and your partner. They have many prints and patterns in a variety of colors. Even just for underwear, you will be spoilt for choice. There are so many options that you will not be satisfied with just one. You will want to buy more.

Bummer has a great collection of undies- briefs, boxers, mini trunk underwear, hipster shorts, bikinis, etc. for both men and women. You do not necessarily have to match the underwear, you can get complimentary colors that define your individual personality. Bummer offers a pick for every occasion- beach, bedroom, and loungewear. Oh and the best part? This statement does not have to be uncomfortable because Bummer underwear is made from micro modal fabric. This fabric is known for its softer-than-butter feel. It is organically spruced and environment-friendly. Good for you and the planet! 

So what are you waiting for? Head to their website and buy your next favorite pair of matching underwear.

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