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Worry About Train Food Is A Thing Of Past. Irctc E-catering Is Here For You

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You don’t need to eat from the car cupboard anymore to sate your hunger. You can choose from a range of options when traveling while ordering food in trains via the internet. Zoop, an IRCTC e-Catering approved partner, has partnered for the purpose of allowing passengers to order food online while in transit.

We go out of our way to serve delicious, freshly prepared food to passengers at their seats.

North Indian, Chinese, Italian, Jain, Mughlai, South Indian, Spanish, pizza, burgers, and Continental cuisines are just a few of the many options available to you. Regional cuisine is also offered in addition to these options, so you won’t have to sacrifice your favorite foods while traveling. Our delivery representative will bring the food directly to your seat. No need for pointless obstacles! As soon as the train pulls into the station, relax, take a seat, and wait for your order.

For Your Food Orders, Irctc Uses Cutting-edge Technologies. Verify Information Here.

The IRCTC delivers food Zoop provides a food ordering service that began with WhatsApp. These easy methods can be used to order meals online and have it delivered right to your train seat.

Nowadays, you may order IRCTC Food On Train online and send it to the train using WhatsApp.

Launching a straightforward online meal delivery service through the WhatsApp chatbot is the IRCTC delivery service.

IRCTC passengers have the option of ordering meals online, and food will subsequently be delivered right to their seats.

Learn how to order food to delivered right to your train seat using the IRCTC Zoop WhatsApp chatbot.

On the Indian Railways, internet orders for food in transit can now be done over WhatsApp. A chatbot on WhatsApp has recently been develop by Jio Haptik and Zoop, an IRCTC meal delivery service. To allow customers to place food orders. Customers can place food orders from the comfort of their train seat in just a few simple steps by simply supplying their PNR number when ordering.

At Zoop, You May Order Food For Trains From Zoop Website

I’ll explain how to use the Zoop IRCTC e-Catering to order meals on a train in this section.

To place an order on the train, just follow the easy instructions.

  • As a first step, go to the zoop website, which is zoopindia. com Or you can use the Zoop App as well. 
  • Navigate to the website’s “meal in train” option.
  • You have two choices for placing your order: “Order by PNR” in which case you must enter your 10-digit PNR number or “Order via Train No.” in which case you must enter the name or number of your train as well as the date of boarding.
  • Decide which boarding stations you’ll use to purchase food for the train.
  • You can choose your chosen menu items by selecting from a menu and list of establishments that will show.
  • Use a credit card, debit card, net banking, digital wallet, or “Cash on Delivery” to make a payment online.
  • Relax and take a seat, and your dinner will be delivered right away.

It is a simple process:

Without having to download any additional software or apps, passengers may get Food Delivery in Train, making the procedure simple and hassle-free. With Zoop’s new WhatsApp service, which also offers features like real-time food tracking, you can place an order at any nearby station.

Any passenger can directly seek assistance via the chatbot if they are having problems ordering food on a train using WhatsApp. Additionally, they can place their meal on the seat. They only need to carry out a few easy actions in order to not only Order Food in Train on WhatsApp but also check the status of their train. Passengers can track food online using this tool as well. They can also quickly obtain PNR status and numerous other details. Therefore, all you need to do is save the Whatsapp number +91 7042062070. The next step is to WhatsApp-pin them as friends. That’s it, and after that you may quickly learn the rest of the process.

Food That You Can Order While Traveling 

Foods Served in Trains With the help of Zoop IRCTC e-Catering, you may order a wide selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian thalis in trains, including the Standard Thali, Mini Thali, Maharaja Thali, Combo Thali, Deluxe Thali, and many more.

In addition to Hyderabadi biryani, additional varieties of biryani served in trains include egg biryani, chicken biryani, mutton biryani, paneer biryani, vegetarian biryani, and biryani combos with raita and cold beverages.

Among the pizza kinds offered on trains are vegetarian, chicken, and paneer pizzas. Additionally, customers can place bespoke pizza orders with their favorite toppings.

On trains, a variety of completely vegetarian meals are available, including Aloo Tikki, Chaat, Chana Masala, Chapati, Dum Aloo, Poha, Gajar ka Halwa, Gobhi Matar, Kadai Paneer, Kheer, Khichdi, mixed veggies, Palak Paneer, Paneer Butter Masala, Paratha, Rajma, Samosa, Shahi Paneer, Dosa

Non-vegetarian cuisine offer in a variety of ways on trains, including hot, tasty, and mouthwatering dishes like Butter Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken 65, Omelette, Mutton Korma, Tunde Kabab, Chicken Tikka, Fish Fry, Prawns, Egg Curry, Hyderabadi Egg Biryani, and many others.

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