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Benefits of Initial Coin Offering Options As Crowdfunding

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This was a goldmine in a world with high obstacles to early-stage investment first, the ICO. By creating bitcoin coins, small businesses raise money. How might an ICO help your small business? This post discusses Ico Development Companies.

ICO Definition

ICOs are similar to IPOs in the bitcoin realm. Companies raise money through ICOs, token sales, and crowd sales. They release new crypto tokens to interested parties. Consider a Silicon Valley startup with a fresh cryptocurrency concept. You may want to secure hotel payment operations. We’ll call this idea LodgingCoin in our example. To develop a currency option and platform, you need investors. What if you didn’t need a bank loan or VCs? How about fundraising without losing ownership? This is why business owners should know how to start an ICO:

  • Your team creates a white paper that explains your idea.
  • Marketing strategy begins with a functional website, social presence, and proof of concept.
  • You request funding in Bitcoin or Ether or regular payments.
  • You give buyers LodgingCoin for funding.

Your business idea needs publicity, buy-in, and use. This boosts currency value. People’s initial investments rise, like a stock post-IPO. This contrasts ICOs with IPOs. ICOs don’t result in company ownership holdings like IPOs. LodgingCoin is a gamble. The risk is that now-worthless currency will rise in value later. This will make the investment lucrative. [cta-freequote]

ICOs’ Advantages

Initial coin offerings provide many benefits for entrepreneurs. IPOs and other fundraising have high entry barriers. Once understood, starting a coin is easy. ICOs have several advantages.

1. Anyone Can Buy Tokens.

Token launches are different from IPOs. SEC regulations govern an IPO. Token launch = digital asset sale. Accredited investors above $1 million in net worth can participate in IPOs. Tokens sold at an ICO can be purchased anonymously by anyone. Only 3% of US adults have $1 million in net worth. Only 3% qualify for an IPO. All US adults can buy ICOs. This increases funding 33-fold.

2. Globally Sold Tokens

An ICO lets investors buy new currency. Project coin offerings often involve digital money transfers. Hundreds of wire transactions in minutes might freeze an IPO account’s funds. Digital currency token sales are always open. The US population is under 5%. International global availability increases the funding base 20-fold.

3. Token Liquidity Premium

ICO tokens have value when sold. This value is available 24/7 globally. This differs from IPO equity. In IPOs, investments may not be editable for a decade. Tokens sell in minutes. Using or selling IPO tokens is irrelevant. A decade vs. 10 minutes is 500,000-fold. IPO returns are usually higher than over ten years. This liquidity premium lets “shareholders” participate in fresh ICOs with the same cash. Faster growth and more liquid funds result.

4. Less Entry Barrier

Silicon Valley attracts technology-driven IPOs. Wall Street offers financial comparisons. This necessity is diminished because token launches can happen anywhere. Successful organizations can raise money with ICOs from anybody, anywhere. This eliminates entry obstacles that traditionally limited success to certain regions. Ethereum, the most successful ICO ever, has no physical location.

5. The “Free” Business Model

Facebook and Google offer free, useful things. They’re criticized for making billions while early adopters get free service. Ico Development Companies offer a more realistic launch model. Tech firms and open-source initiatives can raise money through coin offerings. This strategy aligns user bases that can benefit from company success. Investors seek a business plan that beats “free.” ICO investors are motivated by early adopters gaining money.

6. Instant Buy-In

Coin buyers and sellers aren’t blocked. Once released, a cryptocurrency can be sold on the crypto market—a fast, efficient process for businesses and investors. IPO stock purchases are labor-intensive. Buying an ICO involves getting the right currency and waiting for the launch.

Successful ICOs:

Some Ico Development Companies have raised billions of dollars. There is potential for all firms, not just computer companies. Five successful token launches are below.

  • Ethereum was an ICO. They’re more than just digital cash like Bitcoin. Ethereum uses smart contracts to construct decentralized apps.
  • IOTA’s ICO focused on blockchain-based IoT integration. Their decentralized ledger was scalable and fee-free.
  • Stratis lets businesses test, design, and deploy apps using programming languages. All without maintaining or setting up their development environment. Their ICO raised about 1,000 BTC, worth $675,000 at the time and now $8 million.
  • EOS’s ICO raised $185 million in five days. The biggest ICO ever. According to their white paper, EOS is a viable Ethereum alternative. They offer several blockchain-based business tools.
  • NXT, originally Antshares, held two token sales. This Microsoft- and China-connected service debuted at 3 cents in its ICO. Their currency value soared to $180 from October 2015 to January 2018. According to its white paper, NXT is one of the largest ROI coin offerings.


You can innovate new funding ways with the help of Ico Software Development Company. Initial coin offers have risks and benefits. They’re a great crowdfunding instrument since they can attract passionate investors.

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