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How to Fix Linksys WiFi Extender Not Working?

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Have you recently noticed that your Linksys WiFi extender is not working These days, consumers frequently run across problems like Linksys extenders won’t connect to the internet. Linksys range extenders are among the best and most dependable extenders on the market, but this does not imply that they are error-free. When your Linksys extender isn’t working, we entirely understand how frustrating it is.

When we are already engaged in bandwidth-intensive activity, this is more painful. If you consistently run into the same problems, then this post is for you. We’ll talk about how to resolve the problem if your Linksys extender won’t connect or isn’t functioning properly today. But first, let’s talk about some of the key causes of the most typical problems that you can experience in the future.

Reasons behind Linksys Wifi Extender Not Working

Here are a few of the most typical explanations for why your Linksys extender won’t function properly or connect to the internet.

  •  Outdated firmware
  • The range between the extender and router is very long.
  • Power outage
  • Your extender’s power supply is inadequate.
  • No internet access on the network of your primary router
  • frequent network drops

How to Fix Linksys Wifi Extender Not Working?

It’s time to fix every issue you’re having with your Linksys range extender at this point. To avoid any problems, be sure to carefully follow the directions.

Power Cycle extender – router – modem

  • Unplug your router first, then your extender, and finally your modem.
  • After that, leave the devices alone for 10 minutes.
  • Reconnect each device to its corresponding outlet.
  • Turn on all of the devices.
  • Now see if the Linksys extender is still unable to connect to the internet.
  • If not, continue with the subsequent steps.

Examine the entire Wifi network

  • You must now examine every physical connection between every device.
  • Check the Ethernet cable first. Is it plugged in properly or not?
  • After that, check to see if any wires have signs of deterioration.
  • Ensure that the modem’s internet light is on.
  • Contact your service provider if not.
  • Please make sure that the main router and the extender are not too far apart.
  • Aquariums, other household equipment, and high walls should not be placed next to the extender.

Update Linksys extender firmware

Bug fixes and range extender functionality improvements are included in firmware releases. Be careful to do the following before continuing with the firmware upgrade: Visit the Linksys Support Site to download the most recent firmware for your range extender.

These steps should be followed if the Linksys WiFi extender is still not working.

  • First, obtain the correct firmware for your extender on the Linksys support website.
  • On the website, you must enter your model number in order to obtain the most recent firmware.
  • Now go to http://extender.linksys.com and log in to the Linksys extender.
  • To access your device after that, enter the username and password.
  • Go to the Firmware Upgrade page now and select Browse.
  • Choose the newly downloaded file, then permit the gadget to upgrade its firmware.
  • Finally, see if your extender has started functioning correctly or not.
  • Nevertheless, do the following actions if the Linksys Wifi extender is not working and is having trouble connecting to the internet.

Linksys extender reset

Using a web-based setup page to reset. hitting the device’s reset button. Depending on the model, your range extender’s reset button may be located in a different place. Press and hold the Reset button on the range extender for 8 seconds. To finish the reset procedure, the gadget must be power cycled.

  • If nothing works, you must finally reset the Linksys extender.
  • Your Linksys wifi range extender’s reset switch or button should be pressed and held down.
  • For at least 10 seconds, keep pressing the button.
  • After you remove the button, give your device a few minutes to reset to their default settings.
  • Reconfigure the Linksys extender to use the network of the primary router.
  • Your problem should be resolved by now.

Log in to the Linksys extender using its default URL, extender.linksys.com, to configure it for use with your primary router’s network. Connect your device to the network of the router by going to the Linksys Wifi extender Not working process. This time, pay close attention to the on-screen directions. Once the device has been successfully installed, be careful to set it up in an area with weak wireless connections.

That concludes the troubleshooting steps you must do if your Linksys wifi Extender is not working . We really hope that our post was able to assist you in resolving any device-related problems. However, if you continue to experience problems or require assistance, kindly contact a knowledgeable support team.

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