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Spray Tan Tips To Know Before You Hit the Tanning Booth 

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There’s something about having a tan that can give you a boost of confidence instantly. It can hide imperfections, give you glowing skin and reduce the size of your makeup regimen (bye-bye, bronzer or highlighter). But, of course, it’s impossible to beat the quick and straightforward bronzed color that the best spray tan provides you without damaging UV rays and throughout the time of the year. 

If the only thing stopping you from having a spray tan is the scary reports (looking orange is one of the most common), we’ll tell you that there’s a lot of potential in the preparation process and the following care. First, ensuring your skin is clean before applying your spray tan is the best way to create an even glow. 

According to BizzTechInfo Proper aftercare is the best method to ensure that the tan fades evenly without becoming streaky. Finally, note down our top tips for spray tanning for darker skin tones and light skin tones, and everything else in between, to make sure you come out of your spray tan experience looking like the most beautiful bronzed version you. 

How to prepare for a Spray Tan the Correct Method 

Proper prep is the best method to ensure you get a perfect spray tan. It’s, therefore, crucial to understand precisely what that involves. Then, when you’ve achieved that faux-bronzed glow, the following correct care will make the paint tan last and even fade. To ensure you’re covered for every step of the spray tan procedure, take a look at our suggestions below. 

1. Shave, Exfoliate and Nourish Before Tanning 

We’ve said that proper preparation is crucial to having flawless, sun-kissed skin. And naturally, there are several elements to consider. One of the most critical steps is to shave before. Shaving after your spray tan will make the tan appear blotchy and fade faster. A second important step in preparation is exfoliation from head to toe, which can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful spray tanning experience. 

Over time dead skin cells will accumulate on your skin. So when you don’t exfoliate before spray tanning, and you don’t exfoliate, you’ll be left with uneven and uneven tanning. For exfoliating the skin, we recommend this pure Sugar Resurface and Kona Coffee Energize Scrub that gently smooths the skin to reveal an even, smooth complexion. The last thing to do is moisturize. This is like exfoliating in that if you don’t moisturize during the days preceding the spray tan, there’s a possibility that it will adhere to dry areas. In all the preparation, the responsibility of timing your spray tan accordingly comes. 

As a rule of thumb, prepare for the day before applying the spray tan. Then, when you wake up for your spray tan, moisturize troublesome areas such as the feet, elbows, and any other dry patches in which the tan might stay. Applying moisturizer before your spray tan won’t suggest its long-lasting effects and can produce an unnaturally light shade. 

2. Paint You’re Nails in Advance 

Only get a nail manicure as well as a pedicure after you have sprayed tanned. Both require soaking your fingers and then using nail polish remover, in addition to other things that could make your spray tan uneven or fade quickly on your feet and hands.

The best guideline is to make an appointment for your nails before spray tanning. Editor’s note: If you have an unnaturally light-colored manicure or pedicure resembling lacy nails, clean your nails after applying your spray tan, as your nail polish could cause stains. 

3. Watch What You Wear 

Avoid wearing any jewelry that could leave you with funky lines of tan. So, go for those gorgeous rings and bangles with a decorative design to the side. After you’ve sprayed your tan, it is recommended to wear loose, dark-colored clothing. 

This will help prevent staining and protect your clothes from getting smudges against your freshly applied tan, which could cause uneven patches or streaks of blotchy spots if it’s not been given time to dry. 

4. Skip Makeup

It may appear as if it’s a given. However, it’s important to mention that you should wait to put on makeup before your spray tanning appointment. This can prevent the tan from sticking to your skin. 

For example, if you’ve blended your foundation around your neck, it could cause uneven spray tanning. All you’ll need to put on the face should be a gentle moisturizer with time to soak in. 

5. and Skip the Smelly Skin Care 

Moisturize thoroughly before applying a spray tan. However, do it up to a week before your appointment date. The scent of products such as lotions, creams, perfumes, and even deodorants may alter how the spray tan sticks onto your skin. It would be best if you arrived at your appointment with clean and clear skin. Apply a moisturizer with a lotion that is fragrance-free the night before. 

6. Listen to the Pros 

Always rely on the spray tan expert, particularly if you’re receiving an airbrush tan. They’ll show you the best way to set yourself up for a perfect application if you’re receiving an airbrush tan inside the booth where a machine is responsible for your spray tan. So pay attention and follow the directions you’re given because you won’t have a person to guide you when you’re inside the booth. 

7. When in Doubt, Go Lighter 

If you’re stuck between several shades, it’s better to pick the lighter shade. However, keep in mind that as the tan develops, it will get darker. This is among the best spray tan techniques for pale skin; however, its advice everyone will benefit from. 

8. Keep Your Skin Tone in Mind 

The perfect color for spray tanning for you may be different for your friend. Apart from the fact that those with pale skin types would prefer to be lighter than people with a darker complexion, there in their spray tan must also be distinct.

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