Best Activities to do in Goa

Best Activities to do in Goa

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Bungee Jumping in Goa

The majority of people go to goa to relax and have fun. However, Goa is more than that. It will challenge your endurance and one of the most popular is Bungee jumping. Everyone is afraid, but facing it with courage and conquering it is the true challenge. In Candolim Beach you can reach the Jumping Heights facility that is only a half hour away from the Beach.

It is located in the middle of Mayam lake. Before you can perform this action, you’ll first be assessed with regard to your physical fitness. They will check your weight and other relevant factors. Additionally, you will be tested on factors like heart rate, blood pressure, heart beat at the right level so you’re in the right position to jump. When you’re all set, you’ll need to climb up to a 55-meter tall tower from which you need to leap. This is a fascinating and thrilling experience.


Flyboarding is the Best Activities to do in Goa sport at any of the beaches in Goa including Arambol Beach, Candolim Beach, Morjim Beach etc. It is an activity in the water which performed in the ocean or on the lake. If you’re in Goa and you are in Goa, you will likely be participating in this sport within the Arabian Sea itself. In the beginning, you’ll be transported on a tiny vessel to be able to land on the larger one, which will be floating in the ocean.

Before entering the water, make sure to put on a pair of tights so that you don’t cause any harm to the water. Because you’ll being diving into and out of water there will be massive pressure on your body, and you shouldn’t wear accessories. After a briefing, you will be provided with safety equipment to ensure your trip secure. The primary gears strapped to the legs just like you flyboard. If you’re a first timer, it’s likely that you’ll begin to fall at first but after you learn the right technique, no one will stop you.

Local Goan Food

Tourism has created Beach Shack food in Goa an iconic symbol of Goan food authentic Goan food is very different from the food you get there. Best Activities to do in Goa of local stalls, like Bandera, Panjim etc in Goa which serve delicious food such as the Fish Tali Chicken Xacuti as well as Goan Sweets like Bebinka Doce and more. which you should try. If you’re looking to enjoy delicious food, you should visit the Goan streets and engage in some enjoyable activities, while also eating local food.

Susegad and slow travel

Have you ever thought about Goa the possibility of Susegad or slow journey? There are many people who in Goa are able to run from one area to the next. Then to beaches, on to churches before heading back to their homes.
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Sometimes, we need to slow down and create an effort to not be rush. The joy of moving forward and being content in choosing your own path that is based on your personal sense is another aspect of Goa. You will find the vast fields of Goa which welcome your with open arms. The roads are able to ensure your travel is smooth So, take advantage of this great opportunity to visit Goa to experience life at its best.

Casino tour

Goa is famous for its games at the casino and entertainment. And if you’re in Goa and you haven’t visited an establishment is something that you must have did not do! Goa is also home to some of the largest floating casinos such as Deltin Royal casino etc. It is more entertaining during the evening. There are plenty of things to take part in inside the board. For instance If you’re interested in betting, then you are able to bet as it is legal in Goa and a lot more. Therefore, you can take pleasure and revel in the nightlife of Goa there.

Spiritual Tour

Best Activities to do in Goa addition to the usual beaches, there’s plenty to see and do. One of the most popular is a Spiritual tour. Mangeshi Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is located in Goa. It constructed prior to the Portuguese invasion of the Margao region. After their invasion, it moved in Mangeshi Village in 1560s. As part of the tour. You can visit Saint Basilica Church. Which is the most well-known church in Goa that also earned the designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is famous because of its ability to preserve Saint Xavier’s body over 350 years.
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Therefore, make sure you take this in your travels of Goa.

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