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A Detailed Guide To Software Testing And Its Advantages

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Are you new to the developing and testing world? If you are confused about automated software testing, how it works and why it is essential, this post will definitely help. We are going to tell you all about software testing and its advantages in detailed but simple words. Keep reading until the last as we wouldn’t want you to look perplexed and ludicrous in the next software testing-related conversation.

What is software testing?

Software testing is a process of evaluating the product which is the software itself. Finding out any kind of malfunctions, bugs and errors and checking if the product is functioning as it was tasked to do is the task of software testing. It is a rather lengthy process that includes testing based on different areas: unit testing, functional testing, system testing and functional testing. A number of tools and software are also used, like test plan software, bug detecting software, automation tools, etc., to maintain the credibility of the product.

In simple words, we can say that software testing is checking if the product is working fine and has no errors and malfunctions. It is an imperative part of the whole software production process and the last step before the delivery of the product. 

Example: To understand the workings of software testing, imagine installing a photo editing app on your mobile phone. Now you open a picture in the app and start with the editing process; what will you observe, that there are editing tools according to your liking, the adjustment bars are working smoothly, it charges money and what features are available in premium subscription, etc. A software testing team will check all of that and more, in-depth, to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Advantages of software testing

We assume you must be a little clearer about the functioning of software testing and we can move to the advantages of software testing. Follow below:

1. Helps find out bugs or errors

The biggest benefit of software testing is detecting bugs, errors and malfunctions. Automated software testing occurs at various levels, from single-unit testing to integrated software testing. These varied testing levels ensure that there are no errors or bugs in the product whatsoever. The testers in charge find out the malfunctions in the product using various testing approaches and bug detecting tools, making the product user-friendly.

2. Support in boosting the security

The next big benefit of the software testing process is boosting the security of the product. Imagine a virus breaches your computer system; your data will be at stake, right? Software testing is a process which reduces the bugs. And errors that can result in losing or hacking users’ personal data, resulting in a safe and secure product.

3. Helps check the compatibility of the software with different devices

Software testing is not all about finding errors; this process also entails checking the compatibility of the product with different devices and platforms. In the modern world, an all-in-one compatible platform is in demand. Software testing checks what devices and platforms are product compatible with.

4. Improves the product quality

Reducing bugs and errors, enhancing the security and checking the compatibility of the product, are all these features add on to make the product better. So, it won’t be wrong to say that software testing helps to improve the overall quality of the product.

5. Lowers the product’s development cost

At last, the cost of product development is reduced due to software testing. As mentioned earlier, software testing helps to detect errors. And bugs early on, due to this, developers are able to work on them early, conserving a hefty amount of time, energy and money in readjustments.


Software testing is the reason software reaching users is bug-free and user-friendly. It not only benefits the users by providing a satisfactory product but also the developers by reducing overall cost. That was all about software testing, but if you have any further queries. Or comments on the subject matter, feel free to reach us in the comment section below.

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