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A Step By Step Guide for Obtaining a US H-1B Visa

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Thousands of H-1B visa holders work for American businesses annually in the United States. You may be eligible for a job in the USA with the help of an H-1B visa for specialty vocations. It is the book for you if you are interested in the H1B visa or have just one. The H1B visa is described in detail below; please read on.

The H-1B Visa: What Is It?

The H1B visa by the USA government allows foreign nationals to enter the country and work for an American firm. The foreign worker must have the requisite expertise in an area where the hiring company has trouble finding qualified U.S. Get the best deals on Direct flights to India from USA now.

A U.S. firm must “sponsor” an application for an H1B visa. The employer will cover the cost of the worker’s visa application and submission of supporting paperwork to send the worker to the United States to work for the firm. The H1B Visa lottery and H1B Visa limitations must be understood before discussing who is eligible for an H1B visa and how to apply for one.

Result of the H1B Visa Lottery

The H1B lottery is the method through which the United States selects prospective H1B visa holders randomly—it established this procedure because the yearly influx of H1B visa applications far outpaced available visa slots. When more visa requests are submitted than can be granted in a given year, the USCIS will choose the necessary number of petitions using a random selection process.

Perks for Those Pursuing a Master’s Degree

Your application will be in a pool with other people who hold master’s degrees and are applying for the same position. Once the maximum number of visas has via this lottery. The unselected applications for master’s degrees will be added to the remaining pool and randomly chosen once again.

Therefore, individuals with a master’s degree will enter two separate pools for visa selection, while those with just a bachelor’s degree will only join the ordinary lottery pool.

If You Don’t Get Chosen, Then What?

If your H1B petition and accompanying filing fee are in the random selection process, USCIS will return them to you. You may reapply, but your chances of getting selected will be the same as those of everyone else who applies. Now that you know about the H1B visa limit and lottery. They can go through the specifics of who is eligible for and how to apply for an H1B visa.

Seek Out an H1B Sponsor

When applying for an H1-B visa, a U.S. company must vouch for the applicant’s ability to find gainful employment there. Consequently, if you want to enter the United States on an H1-B visa. You need to get a job offer from a company in the USA that is prepared to sponsor your entry.

Make sure the company is willing to sponsor your work visa if you want to work in the United States. Make it obvious to potential employers immediately that you need to be supported to work in the United States. Most companies will inquire about this throughout the application process, but you should certainly bring it up if they don’t.

Complete an Approval of Working Conditions Form (LCA)

Having engaged you, a U.S. firm will start the application procedure by submitting an LCA to the DOL through the iCERT Portal System. The LCA reports details about the position to the DOL, including salary, workplace, and benefits.

By submitting an LCA, an employer certifies to the government that they will pay their worker at least the prevailing wage for the job in the area where they will perform the work and that they will not to unsafe working conditions.

Fill out an I-129

Once the LCA, the employer may proceed with filing Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker. This phase requires the following from the employer:

  • Application materials
  • Employee Contract
  • Summarizing one’s life’s work
  • Educational Documentation for the Job Seeker
  • Credentials from approved training programs
  • Certificates of Membership in a Professional Organization
  • The legal paperwork that must send

It’s a letter of support

Depending on the service center, the petition might take up to three or four months. Nonetheless, if you’re willing to pay more, you may get upgraded processing. It’s essential to file Form I-129 correctly; use their comprehensive guide to help you through the process. Find the lowest prices on flights from USA  right now.

Compensation for H-1B Visa Processing Times and Fees

It might be expensive to submit an H1B application. But the good news is that the sponsoring company usually covers most of the fees. To complete an H1B visa, you may expect to pay the following payments:

The applicant, not the company, is responsible for selecting and paying for Premium Processing. Suppose an employer tries to coerce an application into selecting Premium Processing and paying the associated price. In that case, the law will require them to give evidence that the applicant has chosen the option. The LCA processing time is reduced from the standard 30 days to a maximum of 15 days thanks to this cost, which most companies pay.

Common H-1B Visa Denial Causes

As unfortunate as it may seem, not everyone can get an H1-B visa. The four most typical causes of H1B Visa denial are as follows:

  • It does not seem that the potential employer is a legitimate business in the United States that can afford to recruit and support an H-1B employee.
  • In this case, the employer cannot prove the existence of an employment connection.
  • The immigrant worker lacks the necessary credentials.
  • The position does not need “specific expertise.”
  • Temporary Worker H-1B Visa Expiration Dates

The initial validity period for an H1-B visa is three years. An extension is also possible for up to a further six years. Depending on the nature of the job, there are additional exclusions that might provide even longer visas.

Situations Where an H-1B Visa Holder Resigns From Their Position or Is Fired

Suppose you leave the company that sponsored your visa or are fired from your job. In that case, you will need to either locate a new sponsoring employer, utterly new documentation, file for a change of status, or face deportation. Applying for permanent residence or finding a new job within 60 days is possible.

Your employer will cover the expense of getting you back to the country. If you unless you willingly quit the firm. You may reapply for an H1B visa if a U.S. employer rehires you after deportation. But you must follow all the steps associated with a new H1B visa application.

Procedures for Changing an H-1B Visa to a Green Card

When an H1-B visa holder’s time in the United States ends, they may be left thinking, “What now?” H1B visa holders currently have two options:

  • Either go back to where they were born or
  • Submit a green card application to remain in the united states permanently.

In contrast to most other visas, the H1B visa allows the applicant to temporarily apply for the permit with the dual aim of working in the U.S. and settling there. The H1B visa holder may apply for a green card while remaining in the country legally on an H1B visa.

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