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What Is The History And Background Of Lab Created Diamonds?

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Lab created diamonds are closely akin to mined diamonds, but have the advantage of being man-made and therefore somewhat more affordable than mined diamonds. The history of lab created diamonds spans centuries, and while they’re still not nearly as prevalent as mined diamonds, they’re continuing to gain popularity in the modern market. So what’s the history behind lab created diamonds? Find out below!

Lab Created Diamonds – The Reality

Lab-created (CVD) diamonds have sold for more than 50 years, with production peaking at about 30 million carats in. Although today its a tiny fraction compared to mined diamond production (about 2 million carats per year), CVD diamond sales are growing about 8% annually. By all accounts, Lab Created Dimonds are here to stay as a niche product for certain buyers with unique needs or price sensitivities. Despite increased competition from lower-cost synthetic alternatives like cubic zirconia and moissanite, CVD diamond manufacturers will likely remain profitable. Here’s how they make them – start to finish.

Lab Created Diamonds – The Benefits

One clear advantage to choosing a CVD diamond manufacturer over mined gems is price. Lab created diamonds virtually indistinguishable from naturally formed ones but come at a fraction of their cost. Gemologists have trouble distinguishing between natural stones and artificially grown diamonds—that’s how closely they mirror one another in appearance. However, as mentioned above, one thing that can be discerned by a skilled eye is the origin. As such, they’re perfect for those who prize quality over all else. Unlike mined diamonds, which take millions of years to form under high pressure deep within Earth’s crust, lab-grown gems require only a few months to create. What’s more, they don’t deplete natural resources or cause damage to Earth’s ecosystem during production. If you want an environmentally friendly diamond without sacrificing quality or sparkle, look no further than our selection of CVD diamonds manufacturer!

How Are Diamonds Created?

Lab maked diamonds are a relatively new kind of diamond that manufacturers have managed to produce by using science.
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Created from a carbon-based solution, these diamond simulants get their name because they’re chemically, physically, and optically identical to mined diamonds; however, these simulants cost less to make than mined ones. As a result, many jewellers offer them at a lower price. If you’re looking for an alternative to mined gems that looks exactly like it but costs less, then you might interested in purchasing lab maked diamonds!
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A great benefit of CVD diamond manufacturing is that they don’t require water or any other environmentally harmful chemicals.

The Environmental Impact Of Traditional Diamond Mining

Diamonds have a notorious history, to say the least. The very first discovery happened around BC in India. Since then, blood diamonds have plagued countless nations, which led to excessive environmental damage from strip mining. The Congolese Civil that ravaged from was partially funded. Although CVD diamond manufacturing has zero environmental impact (the process uses no natural resources), it isn’t perfect either there are no processes for disposal yet, meaning waste must disposed of properly in landfills as hazardous material when coming into contact with other garbage or construction materials. So what does one do if they want a traditional diamond but care about keeping their planet clean? Invest in an eco-friendly lab-created alternative like BGL!

The Future Of Lab Created Diamonds.

Some people might surprised to learn that lab created diamonds are an estimated billion industry. But here’s a wild fact: The entire industry, as a whole, started in when General Electric started experimenting with high-pressure techniques to synthesize diamonds. That’s right – all of it (though today CVD diamond manufacturing dominates), relatively new compared to naturally mined diamonds. And there’s more: Synthetic gems were initially only available for industrial uses such as laser optics. However, Huzimoto Diamond Co. Ltd founded by company president Kinshichi Huzimoto and master gem cutter Isao Hozumi in Kyoto City Japan.

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