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The Only Tips you Need to Know Before Buying Your First Life Insurance Policy Online

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By the end of 2020, 50% of the American population was devoid of life insurance. As compared to other insurance policies, life insurance is non-negotiable. The policy prepares your loved ones to ride against the tide rather than getting devastated by the storm. It does not only backs them up financially but also ensures a stable future. 

What is Life Insurance Policy?

A life insurance policy is an agreement made between the insurance company. And policyholder to guarantee a certain monetary benefit to the beneficiary, chosen by the policyholder. The beneficiary gets the said account on account of the policyholder’s death. How and where he invests that money is independent of the policy. Provided that the policyholder does not explicitly mention the use of money in the document. 

Life insurance is a safeguard for you and your family against unforeseen events in life. It helps your family to cover the financial costs by paying a sum of money to the insured person or his/her family in case of an eventuality.

It is important to get life insurance at the earliest. Because the younger you are, the cheaper it will be for you to buy a policy. As you grow older, your premium goes up because your risk of dying increases.

There are two broad types of life insurance policies: term insurance and endowment plans. While term insurance provides pure protection, endowment plans also provide protection and savings components

Comparing life insurance policies online is not just about finding out which company offers the best premiums. It also involves understanding how claims handled by each company, and what other benefits offered under each plan.

So it is important that you compare life insurance policies online before buying a plan. This will help you understand which financial product will suit your needs perfectly.

What are the things to consider when comparing life insurance policies online?

The following points should kept in mind while comparing life insurance plans,


The coverage refers to the amount which will paid out to your family in case of an unfortunate event like death or disability. The coverage amount is one of the main factors that decide your premium rates. Purchasing an adequate cover is essential for ensuring financial protection for your family during difficult times.

Stay away from endowment plans

If you are looking for pure term insurance then stay away from endowment plans. These policies offer low coverage at high premiums due to their savings-oriented nature. Endowment plans have a low surrender rate. 

Benefit amount 

The benefit is the amount paid by the insurer to the beneficiary upon the death of the insured. It is also called the face value or sum assured. The policyholder should choose a benefit amount that is sufficient to cover all his financial liabilities such as a mortgage, car loan, education expenses of children, and so on.


Riders add flexibility to your term life insurance policy by offering additional features at an additional cost. They include critical illness riders, accidental death riders, waiver-of-premium riders, etc. A rider provides extra coverage which offered in addition to basic protection provided under your existing plan. 

Premium payment terms 

Most insurers offer flexible payment terms ranging from monthly payments to annual payments for premiums for their term life insurance plans. Make sure that you go through all the premium payment options available before deciding on an affordable life insurance plan for yourself. 

Compare Claim Settlement Ratio

This is a very important factor because this will help you know the claim settlement process and how many policies have settled by the insurer. The higher the ratio, the better it is for you.

Compare Premium Amount

Premiums vary from one insurer to another and also depend on multiple factors such as age, gender, profession, lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking, etc. Compare premiums from different insurers so that you make an informed decision.

Make sure you have your personal information. Buying life insurance requires some personal information, including your age, gender, income, and health status. best life insurance policy You’ll also need your driver’s license number and Social Security number, as well as information about any health conditions you have.

Know what kind of policy you want before you compare quotes. There are different kinds of life insurance policies out there — term, whole, and universal — and knowing which one you want before shopping for a policy will help narrow down your search. By knowing which policy works best for your needs, you can find a selection of quotes that are right for you.

Compare as many quotes as possible in a short amount of time. One advantage of online tools is that they can show you a wide range of options in a short period of time. An online tool will typically ask some questions and then generate suggested quotes from several different insurance companies that meet your criteria. Speaking of tools, get My Policy is one of the best policy aggregator websites with the best tools to provide quick comparisons. You can add your details and get quotes from the best insurance agencies without having to submit multiple paperwork. 

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