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Using A Taggbox Live Twitter Wall For Your Events

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Twitter is one of the most well-known social media networking platforms, with millions of active users. It is one of the most engaging and interactive social media platforms, and it is best known for lead generation.

This engaging social platform, as expected, includes excellent marketing strategies. For an event with big-screen displays and signage, you can even keep your attendees engaged by displaying a live Twitter feed.

However, the question that arises is “How to display Twitter feeds on-screen at events?” and this blog is the answer to this popular question. So let’s make some progress and get started by reviewing the concept of the Twitter wall.

Twitter Wall – An Overview 

A Twitter wall is a social media wall that displays live tweets from event attendees via the exclusive hashtag on a digital screen. As a result, the Twitter wall is suitable for brand promotion and marketing.

The opinions and experiences of the guests about the event are represented by the twitter hashtag tracker live feed displayed by Twitter Wall. The best part is that you can use a “Twitter Wall” to display live tweets on screen and digital signage in complete real-time.

Steps To Create A Live Twitter Wall For Your Events

Select A Relatable Hashtag

Setting up a Twitter wall without selecting a hashtag before the event begins wastes everything. 

A hashtag is required, and it should be chosen carefully. Include the year or the location of the event if possible. 

This is useful if your event is held in multiple locations or is held on an annual basis. Additionally, conduct thorough searches to ensure that the hashtag has not been used previously anywhere. 

Maintain the hashtag’s relevance to the event as well. Don’t overthink it or make it difficult to understand.

Promote Your Hashtag

Inform your audience about the newly launched hashtag. Promote your chosen hashtag on all of your banners, websites, social media posts, and Twitter handles. 

Allow your followers and potential event attendees to use the hashtag several weeks before the event. 

This will increase your social media activity and marketing, as well as provide you with rich content before the event begins.

Moderate Your Twitter Feeds

Moderate and validate all of the rich content aggregated for the live tweet wall display. Moderating content and removing objectionable or irrelevant content is an excellent feature of tweet walls.

Display The UGC On Twitter Walls

If the event attendees have even the slightest expression of dullness or boredom on their faces, Twitter wall at your events is an element of entertainment with twitter hashtag tracker

Posts from other event attendees, contest alerts, winners, Q&As, campaigns, event speakers, guests, expressing gratitude. And so on can all be displayed to keep the audience interested.

When it comes to social media wall displays at your events, Twitter is the best option because Facebook is strictly for content distribution and Instagram is flooded with beauty, food, and lifestyle. Twitter has become the ultimate real-time showcase for people.

Must-Have Features Of A Live Twitter Wall

Highly Compatible

A live twitter hashtag tracker can used at a variety of events, including concerts, product launches, office displays, university displays, and so on. 

Each venue has its own requirements for display dimensions and screen types.

As a result, a good Twitter Wall must work with a variety of screen sizes and types. It must fit any screen size, from small smartphone screens to large TV screens and jumbotrons.

Showcases Real-Time Content

The essence of a Twitter live feed is the content displayed on the screen. As a result, it has to be that good! What better than a live user-generated Twitter feed displayed on the Twitter Wall.

The display of real-time Twitter feeds published online using the event hashtag by event attendees sharing their experiences at the event greatly increases audience participation at any event.

This also contributes to an increase in overall event ROI. Social media aggregators can used to display tweets at events, providing a real-time Twitter feed with incredible customization and moderation options.

Powerful Analytics Panel

Once you’ve created a Twitter Wall and begun displaying the incredible real-time Twitter feed on it. It’s time to evaluate the performance of your live tweets feed and how well it is increasing audience engagement.

The powerful Twitter hashtag tracking tools like Taggbox allows you to generate reports and dig deep into your Twitter feed’s performance statistics. It assists you in providing direction to your Twitter marketing strategy in order to benefit from increased audience engagement.

Robust Moderation

Not everything that users post on Twitter with your dedicated hashtags is good enough to show an entire crowd at your event. A good Twitter Wall vendor understands this.

As a result, a good Twitter feed display includes a powerful moderation feature that allows you to filter out irrelevant content. And display only the most relevant and high-quality content on your live tweet feed. After all, the quality of your content defines your brand’s image.

Wrapping Up

Twitter walls are an excellent tool for integrating social media and displaying the right tweets at the right time on the right platforms. 

Twitter walls provide a unique and refreshing social way to communicate with your audience. We hope that this guide will help you in creating a brilliant one.

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