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Trademark Registration in Turkey: All you need to know

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Trademark Registration in Turkey has nowadays, become quite significant for any business entity. With increasing awareness about intellectual property and trademarks, more than thousands of “marks” each year are registered trademarks in Turkey. You should keep in mind that the company cannot have the same name which is similar to the registered trademark. Therefore, to start any business entity, it is now compulsory to obtain Trademark Registration in Turkey. In this article, we have thrown light mainly on the essentials of a good trademark and the benefits of trademark registration of a business name in Turkey. 

What is a Trademark?

When we talk of a trademark, it is actually a type of intellectual property that consists of a recognizable expression, sign, or design that helps in distinguishing the products or services of a specific source from others. 

Essentials of a good trademark:

An ideal trademark should be captivating both in appearance and sound because that actually suggests the quality of the product. What is most crucial is that an ideal trademark should be designed in such a manner that it can be idiosyncratic from other trademarks which belong to the same class and should serve the purpose of registration and protection. 1 Before Trademark Registration in Turkey, below are some attributes of a good trademark that should be taken into consideration:-

  • A trademark, as the name suggests, must be a mark including a device, brand, heading, signature, ticket, label, letter, name, word, numeral, packaging, an amalgamation of color, or any of the above attributes. 
  • It should be quite simple to spell and speak. You should make sure that the trademark can easily spelled and spoken by the general public. 
  • It should be easy to remember. If a good trademark can effortlessly spelled and spoken, it will easy to remember them as well. 
  • Make sure that it is not too lengthy and complicated. If it is too lengthy and complicated, people will not make much effort to memorize it and thus it will easily forgotten. 
  • Always make it unique. It can be either natural uniqueness or acquired uniqueness. 
  • Invented words or coined words or idiosyncratic geometrical designs are often the best trademarks. 

Benefits of Trademark Registration in Turkey

(1) Trademark Registration is an asset

An intangible asset to a business is a trademark that adds value to it. They are the main key to distinguishing the product or service from the competitors already prevailing in the market. Trademark stands apart, attracts customers, and can easily identified from the rest of the others. Trademarks act as the marketing tool for your business. It is a sign of reputation, integrity, and commitment to the company that helps consumers make purchase decisions. 

Over a period of time, like in real estate businesses, the value of assets appreciates. Similarly, as the business grows, there is an exponential growth in the value of the trademark as well. Just like tangible assets, you can buy or sell trademarks and also use them as a security for obtaining loans from financial institutions. Hence, to protect this precious asset, Trademark Registration in Turkey becomes a must. 

(2) Cost Efficient

Trademark Registration in Turkey is relatively inexpensive. Trademark Registration Cost in Turkey is 321.61 TL, and the design registration application fee is 54.24TL. Once you file an application for registration of a trademark, it can take from 6 months to 2 years, which mainly depends on the government processing for processing the application and finally granting the certificate. The whole process goes on a first cum first serve basis. There are chances that your trademark application may rejected if the mark proposed by you is similar to the mark proposed by a third party. So, it is always possible to register a trademark as early as possible. 

(3) Safeguards investments in Branding and Advertising

In this competitive market, branding and advertising are a must for any business. Businesses, in order to promote their brand among consumers, shell out a huge sum of money on a wide range of advertising mediums, such as radio, TV, newsprint, digital, etc. If your brand is not trademarked, it can claimed by anyone. Therefore, before you begin the advertisement campaigns, it becomes quite crucial for your brand to undergo Trademark Registration in Turkey

(4) Secure your brand against the unfair competition

Registered trademark acts as an effective weapon against unfair competition. Nowadays, the marketplace filled with humbugs and emulators who, just for their own welfare, exploit perfidiously used brand names just for their own benefits. Trademark Registration in Turkey is an effective deterrent against such unfair competition. If there any unauthorized use of your mark or its imitation by a third party, then there are remedies available to the owner of a trademark, under the Trademark Act. 

(5) Trademark Registration is easy

Nowadays, obtaining a Trademark Registration in Turkey is easier than ever. There are several online services offering services at affordable rates. 

Final Take

Now, that you have gone through all the benefits of getting your trademark registered in Turkey, why wait? Opt for the services of Trademark Registration in Turkey and protect your brand from unfair competition. Also, Trademark Registration Cost in Turkey is not that exorbitant. So you need not worry about shelling a huge sum of money during the process. 

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