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Tips To Update Your Google Analytics To The New 4.0

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Hey, there is a new version of Google analytics and it is big news action is required on your part. You’re not going to get the new Google analytics unless you make some changes. We’ll talk about why you may want to make those changes as soon as possible. We got to dive straight into the new Google analytics. So first of all, come to see if it’s going to look familiar. You know the kind of layout design is very much the same.

Point No 1

And according to the online ATHE coursework service at first blush. You could think there’s not a change at all. But actually, this is a huge shift in how Google analytics worked. So here’s the big change in the way Google analytics worked before somebody comes to a page it fires that code. And says somebody was here at the end that’s what Google’s measuring right. Sometimes there’s some user demographic information. But basically, someone came to this page, and then sometimes it’s like okay the same user on another page.

Point No 2

But that’s the extent of it that’s how they’re measuring time on a page that’s how they’re doing everything. I came to the page two minutes later that same code from the same computer fired the code right not the same user on the same computer right in the same browser.

Point No 3

If somebody was on a phone and switched to a computer. You’d have no idea the time on page measurement was always completely wrong and why that number was not something. You should even pay attention because of the way it is measured in the new Google Analytics is stupid smart.

Let’s go with that one so uh first thing you’ll notice right on the home is this average engagement time. This is a cool number. Because it can now track even when a user is scrolling on the page. How much of the page they saw and they know how long you were on the page. It’s pretty darn that’s changed substantially.

Point No 4

Now instead of having it again browser cookie based right now we’ve got a lot more user-based information based upon Google login users. If I am on YouTube and I watch your video and then later on my computer that’s also logged into Google go and I go to the blog post that’s tied to that YouTube video Google can now or by your eBook by your course. You can tell did they did I find them first on my YouTube channel or on the blog and which blog post.

Now before on the old Google Analytics, you could set up goal tracking and you could say they started from this page but not you couldn’t say if they started from a different browser, and on YouTube and all these different devices, you can do way more now.

Point No 5

And so if you have any kind of info product lead magnets all that kind of stuff we can get really smart and the reason I said in the intro that you need to make a change now is the longer you track this data the better information. You’re going to have so you don’t have an info product today fine but if you’re going to a year from now. You want this data to know exactly how your marketing works. Now one thing that you’ll notice being right here on the home page is again at first glance it looks very similar.

But even as you look at the options in the left-hand menu they’ve changed pretty dramatically it’s going to be hard to find. If you’re looking for a specific report from the old analytics it’s not going to be there and in fact, if you just want to see the page views and the trend of page views on YouTube we as bloggers care about that. because of impressions on the site.

I mean that’s what drives revenue for the most part. So we want to know that number um it’s not there on the home page anymore. So for that, you got to go to engagement you got to go to overview, and then you got to scroll down to the second chart. and on that chart is where you’re going to be able to see the page views per day per month and you can set the time frame.

Point No 6

Just like you could before now this is a cool case study yeah you’ll see this is a brand new property because that’s one of the requirements that’s what you have to do to set this up we’ll show you that in a minute. But so we’re only showing two days’ worth of data on here because that’s when we created this new but what if we told you that this website that’s got this data on it with over 1600 page views yesterday is a week old it has four posts on it as of right now that’s going to be a cool case study. we’ll talk about that it’s pretty cool yeah so um you can get into a lot more here as you scroll through um your google analytics audiences are going to be much more powerful.

Now as you’re tracking that again it’s a lot more than just the old goal tracking the way that conversions are done. It is a lot more detailed so now let’s talk about talking to you who already have a google analytics property. You’re wanting to get this set up so if you have an old google analytics property and we have a bunch of them and we like our old data yeah we don’t lose it sorry you cannot just move this suddenly into a google analytics four you need to create a new property a new id a new yes right in google analytics to start tracking in this completely new way now you can keep your old property so you can go back and view your historical data but right. 

Now there’s no way to just merge it all over that doesn’t exist right now. Maybe it will happen in the future google didn’t make any promises that way. So either way, you do need to start a new google analytics property for google analytics. Once you have that done we’ll show you. How you can use your old tracking code and start sending data over here.

Point No 7

 So you can kind of have it in two different places or you can just call your old data-year-old data to start a new property and take the new code and put it on your website think that’s what I would recommend. I would go get the new code and just put it on your website to start fresh anytime. You want to go look at the historical data look to your old property. I think that makes the most sense, so the big difference here is that. If you do it the first-way Jim said then the old tracking id will continue to track. Yes, so you’ll be able to go to the old data and see all your current and new data.

If you just switch the tag and only have the tag for your new property on the website then you’re going to be looking at old data on the old property and new data only on the new property which I think is fine um going forward that’s the data that I’m going to care about google all updates to google analytics is the new one going forward. and so I kind of feel like a rip off the band-aid and let’s move to the new one to do that all we’re doing I mean you go into admin here on there and you just you’ve got an account already and you just create a property click the button create property web.

And the web is the old one that’s the apps and the web is the new one it says beta. If you start a new google analytics account this will be the default experience and it should show google analytics. But it is called absent web beta for the last year anyway they have it all messed up. But that’s the one that you want you’ll click continue give it a name a category all the same things. You normally did with google analytics before and you’ll just click create. It will create a new web property for you.

Point No 8

once you have a property so we’ll go into this one. We’ve set up it’ll take you through the setup assistant. You’ll have this tag installed. Here is where you have your options here you can add in multiple streams.
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Because it’s you know app and web if you have an app.

If you have a youtube channel you can add multiple streams here um and pull in that data and have it all combined. Which is pretty neat um and then here in the tagging instructions. You can use the existing one on the page tag this is what Jim said to do. You can pull in your old tag or this will tell you exactly how to set it up. Now, you have to go to your other property put in this tag id, which is ours, and put that in on your old property.

 These are the exact instructions on how to do that or you can do it through google tag manager. Now, what Jim recommended and what we would suggest. I take the new tag and the new script um itself. Then just go put that in the head section on your website just the same way please put in your old code um so yeah it’s gonna be a little funky to have the old property and the new property for each. I hate that but I do understand it’s a completely different way of measuring the analytics on your site. So, I can see why they did it this way, either way, you need google analytics for it’s going to make you a better internet marketer um so rip off the band-aid and get used to the new one it is awesome.

Even though when you first look at it you could deceive into thinking it’s the same thing but different. So something to keep in mind is that again. We’ve said rip off the band-aid now no matter where you are in your site creation process. If you know again you’re a blogger and you’re not selling info products. You’re not even trying to convert people to an email list. You’re just creating a blog still get that data now because then in the long term.

If you ever want to do any of these things. You’ll have that history of data tracking your users across all of you. You could set up your conversions to even be them sign up to your email list.
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You’re able to track everything. If you do it that way all right google analytics 4 is awesome go set it up right now.

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