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The start of the key-free future begins today! Welcome to the keyless world. Regardless of whether by smartphone, fingerprint or transponder: keys are increasingly push into the past. 

A digital home or company starts at the front door: For example with the SimonVoss MobileKey – easy opening with the transponder or your own smartphone.

As soon as mechanical keys no longer needed, there are no longer any costs if a key lost, since reprogramming can carried out quickly and inexpensively, says Chaktty.

With the smart key door lock and the easy programming, time-dependent authorizations can added and openings can carried out remotely, according to Techpaly.

 A digital key is therefore also ideal for suppliers, visitors or other temporary guests. 

Electronic door locks open up the key-free future

In cars, the classic key that can be used to operate doors and ignition locks has had its day for a number of years. 

But even in the building sector, electronic door locks are now technically so mature that you won’t miss your old bunch of keys once you’ve experienced how easy, convenient and secure electronic door locks are to use today.

Just forget your key forever

Modern electronic door lock not only offer a high level of security, as you know and appreciate from cylinder locks, but also enable numerous additional functions that offer significant advantages, especially in complex locking systems. 

An example of this is the MobileKey from SimonVoss – all you need to open the door is the right transponder or your smartphone with the appropriate app. 

Other manufacturers also rely on fingerprint sensors or numeric codes, so you can choose between different key alternatives.

Electronic door locks finally put an end to the costs of making duplicate keys and having to replace individual locks or the entire locking system if a key is lost, Techpally.

Because you can easily manage electronic door locks centrally and also the authorizations for the individual users. 

If, for example, the transponder lost in such a system, you can withdraw all authorizations and block the transponder without having to make any adjustments to the locking system. 

Such reprogramming is made possible by electronic door locks in a particularly simple, cost-effective and quick manner – and incidentally, you can also do this when you are out and about.

Comfort functions for more control, security and overview

According to business paly, Electronic door locks not only enable a quick and easy exchange of keys, new users can added to the system just as easily and easily. 

This is an enormous time advantage, especially for locking systems, because if a user needs to authorized for new or different doors. This can done decentrally and does not require the exchange of transponders or keys. 

This significantly reduces the administration effort and at the same time significantly increases transparency.

Because electronic door locks can document all openings and closings and make them available as a daily or weekly report, for example. 

This also applies to unsuccessful opening attempts, for example with an inactive transponder.

Burglary security also increased by electronic door locks. Because unlike a classic cylinder lock, with an electric door lock for burglars it is not immediately obvious where the actual locking mechanism is located. 

In addition, electronic door locks hardly offer a target for attack and thus have a deterrent effect on burglars.

Technology for more security

Some door locks work with Bluetooth technology, for example the Danalock motor lock V3 BT, which is not only particularly secure but also visually very attractive.

 Thanks to modern AES 256-bit encryption, it is also secure against eavesdropping and attempts to record the data traffic between the transponder and the lock. 

Other manufacturers such as JuNie rely on electronic locks with RFID technology, which also do not require classic keys and are particularly suitable for lockers.

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