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It is remarkable to see the worldwide passion for strawberries, owing to its deep taste and brilliant red colour. Nevertheless, it is not just the taste that makes strawberries so popular, these are exceptionally good for health too. This fruit has only 30 calories for every 100 grams and powered with antioxidants, vitamins, and phytonutrients that provides protection opposed to untimely ageing and also encourages excellent cardiovascular and intestinal wellbeing. In addition, strawberries can added to any diet quite comfortably and are easily available either fresh, frozen, or dried. 

What are Strawberries?

Strawberries are a genus of fruits (genus Fragaria) that include several varieties and thus are part of the rose family. The generally red fruit harvested in early summer, with the actual vegetation period varying as according to variety and location. Strawberry planters in some areas, such as California and Florida, harvest the fruit virtually all year, however in other parts of the world, the fruit is only ripe for picking for a few months. Strawberry prices tend to change during the growing season, with the cheapest berries available in late summer.

Benefits of Strawberries

  • The strawberry’s heart-shaped appearance is the initial hint that it is beneficial. These potent microscopic bundles safeguard your heart, boost HDL (good) circulation, reduce your blood pressure, and reduce the risk of cancer.
  • Strawberries are a low-calorie, sodium-free, low-saturated, low-fat food that are high in vitamins, fibre, and polyphenols, which are antioxidants. They are high in manganese and potassium, and they rank in the top 20 fruits in terms of antioxidant effect.
  • Early study indicates that eating strawberries does not appear to help people lose weight who are obese or have abdominal obesity. consuming strawberries may help some people better.

Strawberries Usage in Various Food, Beverage, and Beauty Products

Strawberry can indeed eaten in a broad range of ways besides from its several functions. Strawberries can consumed as fresh, roasted, or preserved. One can incorporate the fruit in a variety of dishes or add it to milkshakes, sorbets, pastries, jelly, and salads. When it comes to strawberry uses, the fruit can be added to your morning cereal or as an after-dinner treat. It not only gives a lovely flavour and taste to your food, but it also enhances its aesthetic impact. Make homemade jam or milkshakes for the young generation they will appreciate it

Strawberries have used for centuries to perspective uniquely. For a glowing radiance and healthy skin, one can incorporate it into face packs or simply apply it on your face. Most cosmetic procedures throughout the world have realised that strawberries can assist to gain particularly younger looking skin and face.

How are Strawberries grown? 

After a winter chill, the Strawberry plant thrives quickly in the spring. Flowers appear in May and June, depending on the variety, or earlier if covered with cloches or tunnels. The flower trusses are initiated in the crown of each plant during the preceding autumn, and this controls the yield in the next year to a large extent. Flower initiation is affected by both the duration of the day and the temperature.

The trusses arise in series on each crown, and the flowers bloom in sequence on each truss, resulting in a four-week flowering period. One-year-old plants typically flower before older plants with fewer trusses and fewer flowers on each truss, yielding earlier fruit and generally larger berries. Older plants produce more fruit, but the berries are smaller.

Strawberries self-pollinate. Pollination is primarily accomplished by insects; however, wind movement and moisture may also aid. Good pollination is required to generate a well-shaped berry; otherwise, the fruit would be deformed. It usually takes 4-6 weeks after the flower has fertilised for the berry to mature.

Few Facts About Strawberries

Strawberry’s red hue caused by high concentrations of anthocyanins; however, the existence of anthocyanins isn’t always connected with the red colour. Strawberry represents the only fruit that seems to have spores on its exterior. The particles of a berry are located inside the berry. Strawberries are not natural berries like blackberries or grapes but since seeds are located on the outside. Botanists consider each seed as its own distinct fruit. Strawberries appear in white, blue/purple, yellow/golden, and red/pink varieties. Strawberry plants may not produce fruit instantly, but the moment they do, it will keep on producing for approximately 5 years. The Strawberries are the initial spring fruit to ripen. Strawberries belong to the rosaceae family.

When consumed as part of a 5-a-day fruit and vegetable diet, can help avoid heart disease and cancer. Strawberries are superior in fibre, potassium and folic acid while being low in fat and calories. As compared to oranges, strawberries include more vitamin C and have zero cholesterol percentage. Cold strawberries are sweeter than room temperature strawberries. Strawberry decay is accelerated by washing them before eating them. Strawberries, which appear to be high in nitrates, can increase blood and oxygen flow to the muscles by 7%. This lowers muscle fatigue and makes exercise more enjoyable. Strawberries help with brain and muscle function. They are good for your bones and hormones. They can aid in the prevention of cognitive deterioration.

Which Countries Produce Larger Plantations of Strawberries ?

China predicted to a big market for both natural and frozen strawberries in the upcoming years. 

Germany has the biggest strawberry market in Europe. Fresh strawberries are extremely popular in the spring and summer. Despite considerable home output and a desire for locally grown crops, imports of foreign and non-European strawberries increased. Apart from local production, Germany is the world’s top strawberry importer, with a 2020 value of more than 300 million euros. More than 70% of imports accounted for by Spain. In terms of suppliers, the Netherlands comes second. Imports from outside Europe continue to regulated and fluctuate in accordance with local and regional supply availability. In 2020, Germany imported USD 13.6 million) in goods from outside Europe, largely from Egypt and Morocco, for a total of less than Euro 13.6 million.

Price Analysis in Few Regions

Strawberry prices in India rose to 250 INR/kg in January 2021. The fruit got on the market late due to its late cultivation. The price expected to fall later in the month as other seasonal fruits like grapes, apples, and melons became available. Growers produced only about 60% of their regular output this year, according to the Maharashtra Strawberry Growers Association. Farmers originally employed 4,000 acres of farming land, which decreased to 2,500 acres due to market instability, extreme weather, and potential losses.

The United States is second in the world in strawberry production, with California and Florida supplying most of the crop. While California produces 91% of all kinds, Florida produces winter variations. Strawberry exports totaled 304K MT, with fresh strawberries accounting for 93% of the total. Canada is the top fresh strawberry importer in the United States, accounting for 73% of the country’s supply. The price was USD 4.25/kg in August 2021, but it decreased significantly over the next four weeks, reaching a low of USD 2.5/kg towards the closing of the week four.

The Major Companies in the Market

  • Milne Fruit products
  • Oberhof Drinks® Austria
  • DTY Fresh Inc
  • Drinka Beverages Ltd
  • Kerr Concentrates Inc
  • Diana Naturals
  • Dohler
  • Welch’s
  • Ciatti Company.


Strawberries come in many varieties, and these are popular across the globe because of its sweet taste and health benefits. They are low in calories and saturated fat as well as have high antioxidants levels that help in protecting heart and digestive health. Because of these properties strawberries rank in the top 20 fruits in terms of antioxidant effect.

This fruit can easily added to any sort of food item and are available in the market in fresh, dried, and frozen form, although fresh strawberries are available only during spring and summer time. Germany has the largest strawberry market in Europe. Despite of being the biggest strawberry fruit producer, Germany is the biggest strawberry importer in the world. The second largest producer of strawberry is the United States, with California and Florida supplying most of the fruit crop. Globally, the price of strawberry has been fluctuating as it is based on its period of cultivation and its total output.

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