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SPC Flooring – What Makes It A Versatile Floor Choice? 

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Marketed as an upgrade to vinyl plank and tile flooring, SPC flooring in UK has become a popular flooring choice. An acronym for stone plastic composite, SPC has a stone-polymer composite core that increases the floor’s durability and makes it preferred over other vinyl flooring alternatives. 

Since the 1870s, vinyl flooring has continued to dominate the flooring market due to a number of factors including durability, versatility, and appeal. These floors are multi-faceted and ideal for installation across varied interior and exterior areas. Also, development in technology and manufacturing led to advanced floor choices such as WPC and SPC, making vinyl flooring more dynamic and versatile than ever! 

What is SPC Flooring? 

One of the most popular vinyl flooring options, SPC is a versatile choice designed to replicate a wide array of traditional flooring materials such as wood, stone, ceramic, etc. Apart from stone plastic composite, SPC interchangeably referred to as stone polymer composite, which implies the flooring material’s core composition. 

What distinguishes SPC flooring from other types of rigid-core vinyl flooring is the make-up of the core that makes it highly durable and waterproof. Whether you wish for ceramic, stone, or wood flooring that matches your home interiors, SPC flooring is always a top option to consider. 

The SPC flooring is generally comprised of 4 layers that play distinct roles and make the flooring a versatile and worthy option. These four layers and their practicality are discussed as follows: 

  • Wear layer: This is the topmost layer of the flooring tile that is coated with aluminum oxides or similar clear coatings to protect the surface from wearing off frequently. 
  • Design layer: This is beneath the wear layer that uses high-quality 3D images of wood, stone, or ceramic placed for resemblance. 
  • Core layer: This is one of the most essential layers that determine the quality and longevity of the floors. It is a high-density and weatherproof core that offers rigidity and stability to the plank. 
  • Bottom layer: This is the backbone of the flooring material that is responsible for protecting it from developing molds and dew naturally. 

Key benefits of SPC Flooring 

Similar to any vinyl flooring materials, installing SPC flooring in UK offers a wide range of advantages that discussed as follows: 

Wide range of options

What’s best about SPC flooring is the wide range of colors, designs, and style options to choose from. The design layer of SPC flooring can virtually replicate any traditional flooring material such as wood, stone, ceramic, etc. People who love to experiment with home decor can try a fun mix-match to give a unique appeal to their houses. 

Easy installation

Typically, there are two ways to install flooring i.e. with glue adhesive or a loose lay floor. Either way, installation is quite easy and inexpensive that does not require many pre-floor preparations. However, it is important to ensure that the existing floors are in good condition and have a smooth and flat surface. 

High durability

Most SPC flooring manufacturers offer a minimum 10-year warranty on all ranges of floorings which quite justifies its high durability. Talking about durability, material type, and quality plays a significant role here. SPC floorings are widely available in two categories that assure fine durability: solid & composite SPC and fiber-glass reinforced SPC.

High resistance

Another key benefit of SPC material that makes it a popular flooring choice is its high resistance to stains, moisture, dust, and other particles. The wear layer of this flooring acts as a protective barrier against all kinds of spillage and stains. Wood flooring is also well-known for being completely waterproof which makes them suitable for exterior spaces as well. 


SPC wood flooring is a cost-effective floor choice as compared to other traditional floors such as wood, ceramic, stone, etc. It gives an affordable way to install varied luxury floors due to its stunning replicating feature. And not just the material costs, installation, and other maintenance costs of wood flooring are quite minimal as compared to other ceramic and wood flooring. 

Low maintenance

SPC wood flooring is an ideal choice for busy homeowners who cannot spare much time for regular house cleaning and other chores. Quick dusting and sweeping are sufficient to keep the SPC floors clean and maintained. No sanding or sealing required for this flooring as once installed, it can last for years without requiring any repairs. However, in the case of broken or damaged tiles, they can replaced individually without having to redo the complete floors again. 

Summing Up 

SPC flooring in UK is a versatile flooring choice that offers high durability, comfort, and affordability. Property owners looking for durable and long-lasting floors can always consider wood flooring as a viable choice. These floors are extremely easy to install and maintain that can used across varied interior and exterior spaces such as bedrooms, patios, hallways, kitchen areas, etc.

And know the best part? Apart from being a practical floor option, one doesn’t have to compromise on the design or decor aspects. SPC floors are available in a wide range of wooden, ceramic, and stone finishes that reflect true elegance and uplift the existing space appeal. 

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