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Sapphire Rings: A Timeless Beauty

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The rich blue color of sapphire rings has always been a favorite of numerous people for a very long time. Many celebrated people have adorned engagement rings on hand. The new season of The Crown has brought back the wave of Princess Diana and attention to her iconic sapphire engagement ring in blue sapphire. The classic blue sapphire diamond ring has remained in the Royal Family of England and is presently worn as an engagement ring by Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales.

Sapphires are one of the four frequently used stones in a ring. They are an expensive gem, though not as expensive as a diamond. Many even prefer it over a diamond because of its elegant blue shade. The most expensive sapphires are velvety blue to violetish blue. The secret to choosing the correct stone is to understand its history.

What does a sapphire ring signify? 

An engagement ring is not just an ornament exchanged during the wedding procession. It is a symbol of their union. Thus, choosing the ideal ring requires much consideration. Diamond rings have always been famous, though sapphire engagement rings have started to gain popularity again. Sapphires have a long history of significance. In ancient Greece, it symbolized protection. In Victorian England, the exchange of sapphire rings was seen as a form of affection.

Sapphire comes from the Greek word that means blue. The ancient Greeks believed that sapphires represented the sky owing to their rich blue color. Ancient Egyptians believed sapphires to have healing properties and were often used to treat eye issues and injured soldiers. Similarly, Indians still believe the stone to have calming properties. The belief is that the wearer will gain enlightenment and stay calm during unsettling times.

Today, however, the story is different. Sapphire is not chosen for its spiritual properties but for what it signifies. Sapphires stand for loyalty, truthfulness, and trust, essentials for a happy marriage. In addition, some cultures believe it to bring good luck. Beyond all these interpretations, the sapphire engagement ring is a timeless piece of jewelry. It has individualism and uniqueness, making it a popular choice. Though it is celebrated as an engagement ring, individuals can still wear it as a fashion piece. 

What to look for in a sapphire ring?

There is always some reservation in mind when buying a ring with a stone embedded in it. But, whether it’s an engagement ring in blue sapphire or a diamond ring, you want the perfect one. Read further to know what to look for in a sapphire ring.


Sapphires can become cherished family heirlooms. Their durability is unquestionable, only second to that of a diamond. Technically, sapphires are a nine on the Mohs scale of hardness. It means you can wear sapphire rings daily without seriously harming the stone. Despite being exposed to the environment for a long time, they do not lose color or fade. Sapphires are also chosen for the crowns of many European royal houses.


In contrast to diamonds, where cuts are standardized, a sapphire’s cuts are unique to that particular stone. Sapphires come in many cuts and look lovely in all of them. The oval cut is still the best, as it complements the blue color. It helps the light travel the most, enhancing the color. Apart from this, the oval cut also leads to less wastage, as jewelers do not have to modify the natural shape of the sapphire.

Place of origin

If the place of origin would affect the price of the sapphire, then the answer to that question is yes, it does. The location does play a role in the price. Some of the best sapphires come from Kashmir, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. However, commercial-quality sapphires come from Thailand. The most valuable sapphires were mined in Kashmir of all these locations. Since the mines in Kashmir have already been exhausted, they are now both valuable and rare.

Setting and metal

The reason sapphires are so popular is that they look good in all forms of jewelry. Whether you want traditional or a piece of contemporary jewelry, a sapphire is best suited for all. The stark color combination of sapphire against white gold and platinum is best suited. However, you can also pair it with diamonds, taking inspiration from the famous ring of Princess Diana. If you want to own jewelry combining all the precious metals and stones, you should purchase a platinum, sapphire, and diamond ring. Another popular combination is sapphires and emeralds.


What color of stone do you want? This is the first question any jeweler would ask you. Sapphires come in various hues of blue, from dark, almost velvety blue to pale baby blue. The darkest to medium-darkest blue is the most well-known. Contrary to popular belief, sapphires come in various colors. Some sapphire shades are purple, orange, yellow, green, red, and colorless. The dark sapphire engagement ring is the most popular among all the sapphire shades. Also, many people do not know this, but the ruby stone is red sapphire. Ultimately, your preference would work best for the jewelry you want.

Natural, untreated vs. synthetic sapphires

Believe it or not, sapphires can grown in a lab. Scientists developed a flame fusion process for producing synthetic sapphires at the start of the twentieth century. Most mined sapphires are of such poor quality that gemologists cannot trade them in their natural form. Hence, they must treated with heat or chemicals to improve their color and quality. Synthetic sapphires are gaining popularity because of their easy availability and lower price. Very rarely do untreated sapphires enter the gemstone market. Untreated sapphires are even rarer than diamonds. Only an expert jeweler could distinguish an artificial stone from the natural one. 

How to take care of sapphire rings :-

Due to their durability, sapphire rings do not need any specialized care. However, washing them regularly in warm water with mild detergent would help to wash away the dirt. We advise soaking the ring in warm water for a few minutes and cleaning it with a soft toothbrush if it becomes very dirty. Avoid using harsh detergents, alcohol, acetone, or paint thinner to clean any jewelry. Alternatively, you can take the ring to a jeweler to clean it professionally. The jeweler would also check for lost gems and settings and fix them. 

Use a soft pouch or a separate box to store the jewelry. Avoid wearing fine rings while doing household chores or playing any sport. Check regularly for any loose stones. Having insurance for expensive pieces is also advisable.

Conclusion :-

There are numerous reasons to prefer engagement rings with sapphires. They are a valuable, fashionable, and timeless choice. Due to its extensive meaning, it has long been a favored stone of the royals. In ancient and current times, sapphire has many interpretations, especially from a spiritual, mental, and psychological standpoint. Purchasing a sapphire ring signifies your dedication to your marriage or relationship.

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