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Overseas Education Consultants In Mumbai: Here’s What You Need To Know

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Students’ lives are made considerably simpler by Mumbai-based overseas education advisors like those at Overseas Education Consultants. Before deciding to pursue an education abroad, there are several things to take care of, including contacting the University of your Choice, understanding when to apply, and determining the type of visa you require. These counselors can assist you in finding institutions overseas and also confirm whether the degrees they provide align with your educational objectives.

What is an overseas education consultant?

A specialist that assists students and their families with the application process for institutions abroad is known as an overseas education consultant. They offer advice on picking the best college, getting ready for exams, completing applications, and getting financial help and scholarships. They also provide guidance on adjusting to a new culture and living abroad as a student.

What do they do?

Parents may decide to send their kids to school abroad for a variety of reasons. They may be moving for better educational options or to expose them to a different culture. Whatever the reason, there are a few things you need to be aware of if you’re thinking about working with an international education consultant.

Families can get assistance from best overseas education consultants in Mumbai throughout the full process of sending their kids to school abroad. This involves selecting the appropriate university, completing applications, and securing visas. They also offer advice on available financial help and scholarships.

If you want your child to attend school outside of your native country, you’ll often need to hire an international education consultant. This is because they can assist with the process because they have the required knowledge and experience. They can also provide insightful information about other cultures and educational systems.

If you’re considering hiring an international education consultant, be sure to conduct your homework and pick a respected company. Obtain referrals from friends or family members who have already utilized one. Additionally, always obtain everything in writing so that you have a copy of the agreements made.

How much does it cost to hire a consultant?

Depending on the services they offer and the nation you want to study in, the price of engaging an international education consultant might change. These services typically cost between Rs. 1,000 and 2,500 per hour.

Knowing what services you want from an overseas education consultant is the first step. This will enable you to submit requests for bids (RFPs) to multiple experts while having a clear understanding of your needs. You can comprehend the rates each consultant charges based on these RFPs.

The majority of consultants operate on a retainer basis, thus their hourly prices represent a small portion of the overall expense. Travel costs, phone calls, and other incidentals incurred while working on your case are also included in the overall fee.


It’s crucial to pick trustworthy overseas education consultants in Mumbai if you intend to study abroad. It might be difficult to choose the best solution for you when there are so many possibilities accessible. You may, however, limit down your choices and locate the ideal consultant for your needs by bearing a few important considerations in mind, such as their expertise, certification, and pricing.

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