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Motion Graphics vs 3D Animation- Which Is Better?

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The world of animation has evolved significantly over the years. Video animation production has explored exciting and latest ways to bring your thoughts and ideas to life. Video animation company have come a long way, from making hand-drawn animations to complex motion graphics.

While there are several types of animation videos that businesses can utilize to boost their sales and overall productivity, choosing the right digital tool to attract potential customers can be challenging. Continue reading this article if you can’t decide whether to choose 3D animations or motion graphics for your brand’s promotion.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are pieces of digital footage or animated characters combined with audio that create the illusion of rotation or motion. Various electronic media technologies are used to display motion graphics. They vary from typographies and abstract form animations by conveying a piece of specific information to the target audience.
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Motion graphics include advertisements, films with subtitles, explainer videos, and infographics.

3D Animations

A graphic technique that makes props, characters, scenes, and objects appear more real through motion known as 3D animation. While 3D animations have previously used in producing TV shows, video games, and movies, businesses can now utilize this technique for creating informative materials for the promotion of the brand and services.

The Difference between Motion Graphics and 3D Animations

Determining which animated video would best meet your business needs requires keen scrutiny. Both 3D animations and motion graphics have different visual styles and can used depending on your target audience, budget, and timeline. Your company’s objective and purpose for creating an animated video will also define which animation video you should use. Here’s a detailed analysis of 3D animations and motion graphics to help you decide.

3D animation is a process of creating imaginary environments and allowing the viewers to see objects from various angles. It’s a sequence of pictures in motion that results after the following four steps:

  • Creating an object model
  • Designing a virtual layout to place that model
  • Animating the design
  • And generating a complete animation.

A Video Animation Company will use real-world scanning objects or a modeling tool to create a model. Both methods are unique and offer various advantages. For instance, scanning real-world objects saves time while creating your model and gives you more control over it. Furthermore, scanning gives the objects more character and makes them look almost real.

The second and third steps allow video animators to create various scenes and environments to place the objects. Once the layout is set up and the characters are in place, animators would move on to the animation phase. This stage determines how a character will react and move.

3D Animations

The final stage involves finalizing the scene. Animators choose different art styles to make a scene look more real. While 3D Animations can effectively enhance a business’s marketing strategy, they can be costly and time-taking.

On the other hand, motion graphics are cheaper and less time-consuming.
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They make statistic designs appear more real and are generally videos to entertain your audience while relaying enough information. Thus, motion graphics can make an organization’s products and services easy to understand and appealing. They demonstrate your business’ capabilities by illustrating data and statistics.

Like 3D animations, animators utilized different tools to create motion graphics in the past. For example, beautiful and scenic layouts designed using lithography, paint, markers, rulers, and other physical equipment. Nowadays, motion graphics are created with simple and efficient digital technology. They can give your company significant freedom in adjusting visual designs and elements.

The Bottom Line

As mentioned in this article, both 3D animations and Motion Graphics Animation are interconnected. Regardless of the animation, you choose to promote your business, it should be able to depict your company’s story, goals, and values to your target audience.

If you’re looking for a reliable video animation company to convey your business’ message, you can count on our services. Our experts have years of experience in this industry and can help design appealing and compelling content for your website. Contact us today if you wish to create a promotional explainer video for your company.

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