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How To Shoot Slow-Mo Videos With This Free App

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Video can be an amazing tool to draw your audience in and create a more personal connection with them. But if you don’t know what you’re doing with it, it can actually have a negative effect on your SEO.

Kinemaster video editor is the ultimate tool to add slow motion effects to your videos. In fact, it is one of the most powerful features in this program. It allows you to adjust all kinds of parameters: speed, time, frame rate, quality and more.

You can also edit your clips to create complex time-lapse sequences, or shoot a whole movie with different angles using a single clip.

Features of KineMaster:

  • Multiple layers of video, text, and handwriting video snippets are among KineMaster’s features.
  • It works with every version.
  • Anytime instant preview.
  • settings for hue, brightness, and saturation.
  • All video formats are supported by it.
  • Automatically enhance the incompatible videos.
  • Real-time video recording is a feature of it.
  • You can upload your edited video directly to sites like Facebook and YouTube.
  • Trimming, splicing, and slicing frame by frame.
  • For video clips, it offers speed control.
  • It offers a selection of animations, themes, and visual and aural effects.
  • Effective alterations, overlays, audio filters, music, and stickers are offered.
  • Additionally, it offers video transition effects.

Kinemaster Slow Motion Video Creation Instructions:

  • Launch the KineMaster app on your Android device first.
  • One clip from your device can be imported.
  • To crop the video for slow motion, use the Split at Playhead option.
  • Choose the speed control option, and then use this to change the video’s speed.
  • Selecting the audio filter option will allow you to adjust the voice of the audio and the speech of the video, respectively.
  • If not, you can choose the pitch adjustment option, the compressor option, and the volume button. Additionally, you can quickly alter the audio’s voice by using this option.
  • Finally, the KineMaster application allows you to create a slow-motion video.

Kinemaster slow motion app

It is a simple tool that lets you slow down your videos to any speed you want.

Kinemaster slow motion app download

Kinemaster video editor is a very powerful software that is used for editing videos. It is very easy to use and even beginners can get this tool. This software is used to speed up or slow down any video. To use this tool, you have to use the online version of this software. It is very simple and easy to use for beginners. You can edit your video very quickly.

As we’ve said, the slow motion app can downloaded from here:


Kinemaster speed control

Do you need time to fly past quickly? Do you want to pause an action shot? The Speed Control tool from KineMaster handles everything. You may alter the audio and speed of your video clip to create some amazing effects.

You can modify a video clip’s length on the Timeline using the Speed Control tool. Videos can be sped up or slowed down with it. All video clips automatically import at 1.0x, or ordinary, speed into the timeline.

Tap on any video clip in the Primary Timeline to open the Speed Control tool. The Media button at the centre of the Media Wheel was used to import these video clips. The Options Panel, which opens on the right side, will have the Speed Control tool.

video editor with slow motion and fast forward

To get the best results, make sure you use the correct frame rates and quality settings when recording slow-motion videos. For example, if you’re using a phone running Android 5.0, the app will use the slow motion recording feature in the device’s Settings. Also, you’ll only be able to see a preview for the video you’re recording. If you want to view the video on your phone after it captured, just tap the ‘Download


Finally, you can learn some tips for using Kinemaster video editor to create a slow-motion video. The information in the aforementioned post should be quite helpful to you in learning more about how to create slow-motion videos with KineMaster. To edit and produce your own incredible videos, download KineMaster. Please forward this article to your loved ones. For further updates, stay in touch with us. I appreciate you reading my post.

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