How to Fix a Deviated Septum Without Surgery

How To Fix A Deviated Septum Without Surgery

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The slim bone, tendon partition, and connective muscle that divides the nasal openings are known as the septum. It can often tilted in a way causing either of the nose opening larger than the other. It is at least marginally asymmetrical in the majority of individuals. Some folks are like that by nature. In others, it may be due to injuries on the nose. This condition can make it difficult for individuals to inhale. There are surgeries that are carried out by surgeons to treat this condition. Even though it is the best solution, people are often scared to undergo surgeries as there are risks of complications and a significantly longer recovery time. In these cases, these individuals can undergo non-surgical therapies to enhance the quality of their life by removing obstruction to their breathing. Continue reading to know all about How to Fix a Deviated Septum Without Surgery.

Why Get the Treatment?

As a result of an impediment brought on by a misaligned septal, inhaling may be challenging. This can result in unstable airflow along with the obvious constriction in the nose, that could worsen respiratory irritation, enhance mucus production, and even make a person snore. For some individuals, the septal might also obstruct the sinuses’ outflow pathway.

What can be the Reasons for this Condition?

There can be different reasons that results in this condition. It can be due to pressing on the nose at birth, many individuals have a little bent and frequently undetectable compressed nose at birth. If an individual suffers from a strong blow on their nose, it can also cause damage to the cartilage of the nose. This can be the consequence of a direct blow, a slip, or an unintentional bump. Other cause can also be congenital abnormalities. The Marfan Syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and other inherited connective tissue illnesses have all been linked to the deviation of the septum.  

The outcome of the Therapy

The effects of the Rhinoplasty in Dubai depend on the technique used by the doctor or surgeon to treat the condition. The time taken to experience the results also varies for each individual according to the treatment and their immune system. However, the final results enhance the lifestyle of the individual by improving their breathing. It also improves the person’s sleep quality making them healthier and fresh.


  • Improved Breathing of the Individuals
  • Enhanced sleep quality
  • Increased airflow through the nose
  • Elimination of snoring problem
  • Better lifestyle and mood of the individual

What does the Therapy Involve?

Non-Surgical operation

  • Endoscopic septoplasty: This is a minimally invasive method that involves using an endoscope. The surgeon uses an endoscopic device to see the inside of the nasal passage. It used to fix and straighten the deviation of the nasal partition.


  • Allergy Medicines: The doctor may also prescribe some allergy medications to treat the condition. These are prescribed as allergies can make the condition much worse and treating it improves the person’s breathing. It is important to ensure that the medicine treats the condition without making the person drowsy or interfering with their daily life activities.
  • Nasal Steroids: Infection or some allergies can also treated with the use of steroids. The results of these medications take time to visible and needed to taken for a long period. The patient may also experience some negative effects like sore throat and dryness.

Other Alternatives

  • Irrigation of the nose: The irrigation device used for the nose is also called a neti pot. The individual merely pours a solution through the nose openings in a standard nose irrigating therapy. This is the most organic way to get rid of mucus and lower sinus pressure.  
  • Humidifier or a Vaporizer: A little device used to simply adds humidity to the atmosphere. The symptoms might made worse by nasal dryness. Consequently, breathing damp air can ease a blocked nose, especially if sinusitis is in the air.  
  • Nose Strips: These have bands that resemble springs and cling to the nasal passages like band-aids. By elating the nostrils away from the partition of the nose, these bands aid in improving airflow through the nose. These are to worn at night by the patients before they sleep. 
  • Avoiding Irritants: The individual should ensure that they avoid any irritants that make the allergy worst. This is because it can make the condition even worst for the individual making it difficult for them to breathe. These irritants include pollen, paint fumes, smoke, perfumes, dust mites, etc.
  • Dilators for the nose: These mechanically increases the width of the nasal passageways and lessen the blockage to airflow. There are two types of dilators namely internal and external. While internal dilators pushes air through from the inside, external ones pull air in from the outside.
  • Nasal Valve Support: The nasal valve support inserted in the nose and clears the front of the nose of obstruction, enhancing airflow without causing irritation or discomfort. It is invisible to others because it is located inside the nose.


The non-surgical treatments offered in the field of cosmetic surgery in Dubai are effective and helpful for individuals who are afraid to undergo operations to treat their breathing issues. The doctor provides the list of all possible treatment options after a thorough examination and checkup of the individual’s current condition. 

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