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All You Need To Know about video in Print Technology

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Of late, technology has expanded enough to pave way for new opportunities. Today, technology has made almost everything possible. Life has never been this easy with technological inventions taking care of day-to-day requirements. From daily life to marketing strategies, technology has taken over to bring men the best. When we speak of technology in the marketing industry, needless to say, it had evolved and changed the overall perspective. Did you yet hear of Video In Print Technology? Well, this is an emerging tool in the digital marketing strategy.

The printed video is an effective solution both for small and big businesses. It helps in reflecting on your audience the benefits and advantages of your business. It has the potential to expand your business’s customer engagement. 

What is Video in Print Technology?

Video In Print or printed video technology is an innovative way of drawing clients to your business. By using printed video, you can embed the video in printed formats like brochures, folders, magazines, business cards, and others. The print formats will work in a way that when the readers are going through the print, the video will automatically start playing. 

A sneak peek into the evolution of the printed video format

The evolution of technology has brought about newer and more innovative inventions. And it is with these innovative techniques that the idea of printed videos is made possible. Has this thought ever crossed your mind that video forms of advertisement can be found in printed format? This is now possible. 

The first printed video was featured in 2009 in an issue of Entertainment Weekly. And after that, this newer technique of digital marketing became an instant hit in the market and brands and businesses looked forward to utilising this for their promotions.

This paved the way for newer printed video releases across printed formats. And since then small and big businesses are utilising the benefits drawn from the Video In Print technology.

How is printed video technology revolutionizing the digital marketing strategy?

One cannot deny the fact that video marketing is a key tool in digital marketing. It helps in improving search engine optimization. Moreover, the post covid world had seen a remarkable rise in video listings and parallelly the visual engagement of the audience. 

Several factors are working towards making printed video technology a revolution in the digital marketing industry. Let’s check out those factors and what you should look for.


When we speak of technologically guided marketing strategies, the first thing we need to consider is quality. The video included in the print formats must be of the best quality. Your digital marketing vendor should offer you the options for dimensions and quality of the video for you to make a choice. 

Always opt for the best quality components and reliable technical resources for your printed products. 


The screen should be customized based on the dimensions of the video as it plays an important role. Ask your vendor about the available options or if there are HD options available. 

With the use of HD screens, you can opt for impressive video marketing solutions. Just imagine the impression you will make on your readers, once the brand or business video plays in high definition. It will also pave the way for better customer engagement and enhance sales. 


A product is of no use if it cannot survive a lifetime. The printed pieces embedded with videos come with rechargeable options and can be used as a video player for brand promotion. They can be easily plugged into a computer or a USB wall plug to recharge the piece. Once the battery is fully recharged. It will play continuously for 2 to 3 hours.

So, whether you are handing them out to your clients or using them as a promotional catalogue at your office, the video players will be effective to serve the purpose. 

Flash Memory:

The video players are enabled with minimal flash memory which can be customised according to the requirement to store a video. The most popular variant being 256 MB, is capable of storing a video of 5 to 7 minutes. However, on request, the vendors can provide higher storage values. 

Video Buttons:

Volume is a key factor that needs to considered while playing a video. Ask your vendor for devices that offer volume keys along with a pause and play button. The viewers, in this case, the clients, can adjust the volume as per their requirements. They can also replay the video if they want and pause it whenever they want.

Bottom Line

Creativity and editing skills in a marketing campaign are the key to success. And with the use of the right tools, the desired results can achieved. Video In Print technology has emerged as one of the most successful and innovative ways of digital marketing.

If you have a business and are looking for digital marketing strategy, you can opt for the printed video format. This could help you in creating a lasting impression on your client and help enhance sales. 

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