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Top 7 Benefits of Using Hand-Held Metal Detectors

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Think enhanced security, think hand-held metal detector. This device is used as one of the best security equipment at entry gates to detect concealed metallic objects and suspected elements. Today, examination boards and testing organizers are using hand-held metal detectors to frisk candidates for any metallic substance or chip-based documents that could be used in cheating in examination centers and restrict unauthorized entries at airports, railway stations, big corporate houses, hospitals etc. These devices have electromagnetic applications fitted to detect any metallic object. 

Examination boards and testing agencies use these security devices on a large scale to conduct safe and secure examinations through their manpower. 

There are several benefits of using this device at examination centers. Let’s know the top 7 benefits of using hand-held metal detectors:


Most security equipment is higher in price so many organizations hesitate to buy the same but hand-held metal detector come in various ranges. They are cheaper than other security solutions. That’s the reason that most of the examination organizers. And educational boards who want to provide enhanced security in their respective examination services, select metal detectors. These devices save additional cost and thus the deal of metal detectors is a good one for examination conducting authorities. 

Easy to Operate 

Sometimes, students and examination organizers are in a hurry to frisk a long queue of students. This device comes in lightweight and handy, that’s why it is very convenient to operate. The examination-conducting boards and organizers must want to choose robust solutions for security checks of students that are easy to operate for their security staff. The convenience operation made frisking services successful if students came in large numbers at the entry points. 

Detects Harmful Metals Easily 

One another reason why examination boards and examination conducting bodies buy hand-held metal detectors is their good services in detecting harmful elements and tools that are carried by the candidate for the purpose of cheating. Modern-day and high-tech metal detector machine can also detect watches. And other electronic wearable devices too because wearable devices can also be used for cheating purposes. 

Guaranteed Enhanced Security 

Metallic objects are hard to detect if they are too small as these can play a crucial role in chatting inside the examination halls. The turning point comes with hand-held metal detectors that can easily detect any metallic object with ease. Even some high-tech metal detectors can detect metallic objects inside the body. Metal detectors are one of the best security solutions that offer top-quality services in providing enhanced security to candidates. 

A Secure Environment for Examination 

Examinations are one of the most crucial parts of every academic life. Metal detectors play a big role in frisking large numbers of candidates in a very minimal time duration at the entry gates. These smart devices are used to detect most kinds of metallic elements. These hand-held devices provide a secure environment for conducting smooth examinations. These metal detectors are used in all types of examinations these days for the safety of candidates . And staff from harmful elements and cheating materials in the form of metals. 

Durable and Portable Frisking Equipment 

Every examination board tries to purchase many things for conducting examinations securely and safely. They hire a huge team of security guards and other security tools. One of the best and in-demand security equipment is the hand-held metal detectors. It comes as one of the best portable and durable security solutions that can be easily used in any place or any location because it is available in various ranges and is handy. 

Variety of Brands 

Not one or two, metal detectors come in many forms and varieties. Some are cheap while some are costly based on their quality and features. If you are an examination organizer, then you can easily choose the particular brand of your choice based on the budget you have allocated to your organization. Some detectors come with unique features like detection of all types of metals in one scan, frequent metal searching capabilities etc. You need to check the specification of the metal detector that you are purchasing for your organization. 


Metal detectors are one of the most necessary frisking equipment used for the purpose of smart security services. There are many types of hand-held metal detectors, some come in cheap while some come very costly. They are portable and durable and used to check a large number of candidates for any suspicious metal for cheating. And other malpractices that strictly banned inside the examination halls. 

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