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6 Common Mistakes Parents Make When Choosing A School

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There are many factors to consider when choosing a CBSE private school, and mistakes can be expensive for parents and their kids financially and emotionally. When picking a private school, be sure to avoid the following typical mistakes:

Choosing an Inappropriate School

It’s critical to select the best CBSE School in Noida for your child if you want to help them reach their full potential. Make sure the private school has a strong reputation and can offer all the required resources, including teachers, before enrolling your child there. 

Avoid getting swept away by the stunning images schools post on their websites since they will only show you what they want you to see. But those websites could not always cater to your particular preferences and needs.

Some CBSE schools might not have the most advanced technology. However, they have motivated and skilled instructors who can bring out the best in all their students, including those struggling with learning and concentration. The most crucial component is the teachers. Watch how they interact with children, and get more information from the parents of existing students.

Visitation Once Only

Initial impressions matter. However, if you pay a school a single visit, you cannot receive all the required information. Imagine a teacher who lacked enthusiasm. Is it merely a bad day? Or could it be a symptom of deeper issues at the school?

You might have a more precise notion after a second visit. Ask for the names of parents or other caregivers willing to share their perspectives on the school.

Forgetting to Ask Those Important Questions on Visitation Day

Parents and prospective students can take advantage of visiting days to learn more about the schools they are interested in. Nevertheless, it is possible to forget some of the inquiries you ought to make throughout your visit. Here are the main queries we have:

What is the philosophy of the school? How does it fit with your principles?

What techniques do teachers employ when they are teaching? How do they evaluate pupils’ development and utilize technology in the classroom?

Do you agree with how this school handles disciplinary problems, such as bullying, and would you rather see a different approach?

Overemphasis on a Academics

Education is significant. But so is the social and emotional development of your child. People with great people skills, an understanding of how to relate to others, and the ability to build strong personal and professional networks succeed in today’s environment of increased competition and rapid change. EQ (Emotional Quotient) is more significant than IQ, to put it another way (Intelligence Quotient). While some children are intelligent, they may not have the interpersonal or social skills that are important in today’s society.

Making Decisions Without Involving the Child

It is crucial to involve your child in this process since they should have a chance to express their thoughts. If not, they could experience exclusion and resentment. A child may wonder if you care about them if they don’t feel you trust them enough to participate in decision-making.

Putting your Student up Against Others

Undoubtedly, getting admission into a good school can be difficult in many situations. In recent years, admittance rates at the best schools in the city have frequently fallen into the single digits. Even though you might find yourself constantly comparing your student to the kid down the hall, try to put those comparisons in the admissions committee’s hands instead of your own.


We sincerely hope that this article has improved your understanding of things to consider while picking the best private school. This is a significant choice to provide your child with a solid educational foundation. If you feel like you need assistance finding the right school, Then Mayoor school is the best  CBSE Private school in Noida for your children’s education career and bright future.

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