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6 advantages of pursuing distance in mechanical engineering 

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Our lives wouldn’t be easy without the development of technology and physics. This is why  mechanical engineering is such an important job in today’s day and age. The very first  computer, which is a vital part of our lives, was also developed by a mechanical engineer  named Charles Babbage. This branch is one of the oldest and largest fields. It’s a branch where  you have to make use of physics and mathematics principles with a combination of material  science to design and manufacture new mechanical products.

This is a branch of engineering  that also involves the production and operation of machinery. Every healthcare and surgical  device is also a gift from mechanical engineering. They have also contributed to the use of  renewable energies like wind, tides, and oceans for power generation. From this, you can also  conclude that mechanization has always been a special characteristic of homo sapiens. 

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What is distance education in mechanical engineering in India

Mechanical Engineering is a 4-year B.Tech course and is in high demand among students. It is best suited for students who are innovative and inclined more towards designing complex  machinery. This is one of those fields that allows you to reach a higher position in the  cooperative world.

It equips you with the latest technological information, which is one of the  most sought-after skills in this world of industrialization. Today, everything we use is somehow  made by mechanical engineers. The skills of problem-solving, creativity and analytic mind are  the real deal in this field.

Opting for the Mechanical Engineering Correspondence Courses is  a great idea. You’re free from attending physical classes. The Institute will provide you with  recorded lectures and sample papers online. You can study at your own pace. Also, give  students the freedom to work and study at the same time without any tension about missing  lectures. 


Students from the science stream in 10+2 with subjects in physics, chemistry, and math are  eligible for Distance Education in Mechanical Engineering in India. Students must be  studied by a recognized board. A candidate must have scored at least 45% of marks in the 12th  standard A diploma in mechanical engineering (3 years) and is also eligible to pursue  mechanical engineering in correspondence in 2 years. 

The Advantages of pursuing distance education in mechanical engineering in India 

Here are the six reasons why you should consider correspondence in mechanical engineering.

More opportunities for girls 

It is a well-known fact that engineering is one of those fields where girls are fewer in number,  especially in mechanical engineering. There is a huge gap in the ratio of males and females in  this field. One major reason is parents who aren’t ready to send their daughters far away from  home because of safety. Another misconception about mechanical engineering is that it’s a  physically demanding field where you have to use heavy sled hammers and cut metals. Over  the decades, this stream has changed drastically. Most of the heavy work is done by computer 

driven machines and software. Now, you just have to be good at designing complex machinery. Distance mechanical engineering is a great thing for all girls who want to pursue this stream  from anywhere. 

Less expensive 

Anyway, we all know that correspondence in mechanical engineering is much less  expensive in overall cost if we compare it with a regular mechanical engineering course. Distance education in mechanical engineering in India costs 40,000 to 60,000. Everything in  distance learning universities provides all the study material online. This doesn’t involve any  classroom teaching or any other miscellaneous expense, which means there will be no  spending on food and transportation. 

Never-Ending Demand 

This age is all about constant industrial growth. So, it’s no doubt this is an  ever-increasing field, as we can see every day there is a new machinery development in the  market. There is also a huge range of specializations in this stream. It’s a very versatile stream,  which is why it will be in demand and will remain in demand in the coming years also. 

A significant role in the development 

Every big or small piece of machinery we see around us is a gift from mechanical  engineering. The development of generators, airplanes, mixer grinders, and air conditioners  happened all because of mechanical engineers. 

The story of mechanical engineering is as old as the 18th century. When the sudden increase in  industrialization was happening, the demand for mechanical engineering emerged. Because of  this stream’s innovative nature, every field of engineering needs it. Without this field, life would  be very hard and no development would ever happen. 


The job benefits for a mechanical engineer are limitless in India. In this age of industrialization,  there is a long list of fields in this stream, such as robotics, AI, energy conservation, and  aerospace. So, there is no doubt that mechanical engineering gives stability and good growth in  a career. This degree is a must-have for securing a stable job in this field.  Without a degree, there will be no growth in the future. Even getting a job will be a question  mark.

Career growth 

Every day you hear about a new technology that has been launched. There is an expectation of  a 9% in job opportunities by 2026. Today, having a degree in mechanical engineering is a boon  for those who want rapid growth in their career and salary. An average mechanical engineer  earns between Rs.350,000 and Rs.120,000 per year. Also, this concept of distance education  gives wings to a student who isn’t able to attend regular on-campus universities. They can get  qualifications for one of the most recognized degrees without even moving from one place to  another.

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